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Research Design Rafael

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Research Design Research Proposal

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31 January 2007

Research Design Research Proposal

Rafael ‘s Study

Having been charged with the job of conducting a study on students to determine their skills at the game of softball , Rafael has been advised to collect several kinds of data from his study sample to qualify his results . He wants to organize a research project whereby able-bodied students of different ages , genders , confidence levels and experience are monitored to determine their aptitude for and ability in a softball game [banner_entry_middle]

. Upon his advisor ‘s guidance , he has endeavored to collect not only the main information concerning softball results from the students but also information that belies such results : age , height , and gender The advisor feels that while each of these factors may well have a role to play in softball skills , they may also have something to do with the confidence of each individual player . With this information , Rafael will be expected to draw conclusions about certain personal features and their relation to success in softball

In terms of the data Rafael should use for his study population , he should keep in mind the two purposes of such tests as set out by Murphy and Myors : First , they can be used to describe what happened in a particular study (descriptive statistics . Second , they can be used to help draw conclusions about what those results mean in some broader context (inferential statistics (1998 ,

.1 . First of all therefore , Rafael wants to know any information that is imperative to his own study so that he might be able to more clearly understand any findings throughout the process . As instructed already , height , gender and age will play an important part in this study and it is on these factors that Rafael must pay particular attention . To collect this information will be no real challenge the researcher simply needs to outline a short questionnaire and have his study group fill out and return it before commencing the project

Other information that he will need to consider is the experience each individual has with softball already . Are they on a team , afraid of the sport or do they watch a similar game on television regularly ? These are factors that will surely influence both the real skills of each person in the study as well as their outlook on the game itself and quite possibly their confidence in actual performance . Researchers have found that , with emphasis on sport , confidence actually has a large part to play in performance (Gansneder , Picken and Rotella , 1996 . Data has shown that participants who have high faith in their abilities in sport are likely to display more finely honed skills than their counterparts who embark on the game with average or poor confidence . To work this concept into the study , Rafael will need to determine individual softball confidence from each of his study participants in a way that makes comprehensive sense

To do this , it would be helpful to make use of… [banner_entry_footer]


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