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Research Design for Testing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most talked about in the field of psychology . According to Matthews , Zeidner , and Roberts the idea is not that old but it was only quite recently when the general population was made aware of its significance

With regards to the field of research and research design the challenge concerning emotional intelligence is due to its relative newness and therefore a relatively few case studies and research done up to this point . Now , it is not an easy task to choose [banner_entry_middle]

what method to use to determine and gather whatever is needed to understand EI much better

This study will look into the characteristic of two major research design the exploratory and explanatory models . The proponent will investigate the strengths and weakness of each type and at the end determine what will be the best one to chose to embark on a research proposal for emotional intelligence

Quantitative vs . Qualitative

There can be two types of research design . The first one is called the quantitative approach , which is associated with explanatory test methods . The second one is called qualitative approach , which is associated with exploratory test methods

The strength of an explanatory design was given by John Creswell when he wrote that , .understanding the best predictors of outcomes , then a quantitative approach is best [ .] the best approach to use to test a theory of explanation (2003 . Its weakness based on the premise of this study is that emotional intelligence is relatively new and there is not much definitive research done regarding the subject

With regards to the exploratory research design Creswell remarked

[ .] if a concept or phenomenon needs to be understood because little research has been done on it then it merits a qualitative approach Qualitative research is exploratory and is useful when the researcher does not know the important variables to examine (2003

Yet again based on the premise of the study , the exploratory design can only accomplish much . In the realm of emotional intelligence the research must be able to explain why a certain phenomena occurs

There exists a dilemma for the researcher until Creswell offers an out of the box thinking that produced out of the box answers . And the author asserts that , The situation today is less quantitative versus qualitative and more how research practices lie somewhere on a continuum between the two (Creswell , 2003 . The solution to the dilemma is combining the best of both worlds and the resulting design is now called mixed methods . Creswell elaborates on the benefits of this approach Mixed method research has come of age . To include only quantitative and qualitative methods fall short of the major approaches used today in the social and human sciences (2003

In the Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social and Behavioral Research one can find an example of the mixed method research design and it is called Sequential Exploratory Design . Authors Tashakkori and Teddlie explain the application… [banner_entry_footer]


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