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Critique of a Quantitative Research Article

Summary of the Research

This analyzes and critiques the article entitled Prenatal Smoking and Alterations in Newborn Heart Rate During Transition . The article is basically a clinical study conducted by medical professionals and an expert in the studies on the effects of tobacco to human health Jan Sherman , an assistant clinical professor at the Department of family Health Care of the School of Nursing , University of California San Francisco Anne Young , a professor and doctoral program coordinator at the Texas Women ‘s University Michael Sherman [banner_entry_middle]

, a professor of pediatrics and chief of the Division of Neonatology of the University of California Davis Carmen Collazo , a physician with St .Joseph ‘s Medical Center in Houston , Texas and John Bernert , chief of the Tobacco Exposure Biomarkers Laboratory , Air Toxicants Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta , Georgia

The study is conducted to determine and evaluate the effects of the prenatal cigarette smoke exposure on newborn babies . In particular , the study ‘s primary objective is to determine the effects of prenatal nicotine exposure on the heart rate of the newborn infants after a stressful event . The article begins with the of SIDS and the risk factors for SIDS . Maternal smoking during pregnancy was identified to be one of the risk factors for SIDS , which actually increases the risk to SIDS by 2 to 4-fold . There are many studies about smoking and its effects on the physiology of an adult . However , there are only very few studies about the physiological effects of smoking to newborn infants , thus this study is conducted

The focus of the research is on the heart rate , which is considered to be important to determine whether an infant can survive SIDS events or stressful events that require maximized or high level of cardiac output Cardiac output is dependent on the infant ‘s heart rate , while heart rate was found out to be affected or limited by the cotinine levels of an infant . Cotinine level , according to the research , is the major metabolite or byproduct of nicotine and can be found and measured in the venous cord blood of the newly born babies . The process of diffusion makes possible the transfer of nicotine from the mother to her infant Nicotine diffuses across the placenta into the fetal circulation , and because placenta increases its surface area throughout gestation , the amount of nicotine that will be available to the fetus also increases

The study is guided by the hypothesis that there is a relationship between the cord blood cotinine levels and the heart rate variables such as the maximum and minimum heart rate , mean heart rate , range and variability , of the newborn babies during their first 4 hours of life The study is conducted during this period because birth is considered to be a stressful event for infants , thus it is when their heart rates are preferable to be examined

The study is basically comparative , conducted with 130 pairs of participants… [banner_entry_footer]


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