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Changes in Disaster Relief Policy for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Changes in Disaster Relief Benefits for Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Many victims of natural disasters spend significant period of times living in poverty . And , as research reflects , living in poverty is often associated with increased risk of being involved in criminal activity or becoming a victim of crime . Much work needs to be done to alleviate the impact on poverty on victim ‘s of natural disasters as well as on assisting the victims in overcoming the physiological effects [banner_entry_middle]

of the disaster on their life . In to do this , the government has established policies to protect and serve victims of disaster . Social workers serve as a catalyst by which the government can enact the policy and begin a cycle of change

The economic constraints of poverty forces the poor to dwell in the precarious homes . Even government housing and urban development policies overlook the need for land use planning thus inviting serious social and environmental problems . At this time , inadequate services and infrastructure makes the survival efforts more complicated . However the government did not respond to the cries and needs of the people until the news media got involved , showing the public masses horrific pictures of the conditions under which the disaster victims lived

Social workers also got involved in pushing policy makers to enact change in their disposition towards victims of the Katrina disaster The National Association of Social Workers is called upon national policy makers to provide expanded social services – including mental health services , income supports and job training , school social work services , and health care – for Katrina survivors displaced across the U .S . According to NASW President Elvira Craig de Silva , DSW , ACSW rebuilding the social services infrastructure is essential to the overall hurricane recovery effort . NASW and the half million social work professionals it represents are completely committed to helping restore dignity to the people and communities affected by this tragedy (Nadelhaft , 2005

In to aid and respond to the needs of the victims of natural disasters , the United States government FEMA department underwent a severe reorganization . At the same time , policy makers began to take interest in serving the needs of victims of disaster

About 69 ,000 Louisianans whose jobs were washed away by Hurricane Katrina were entitled to receive unemployment benefits for a period of at least one year , an unprecedented amount of time prior to the involvement of FEMA and supporting policy makers

Many of the Louisianans receiving the aid have been displaced to other states , especially Mississippi and Texas , where the unemployment rate for Katrina victims is 25 percent

At one time , nearly 300 ,000 Katrina victims from Mississippi and Louisiana received special help from the federal disaster unemployment benefits program , which helps people who have exhausted state unemployment benefits or were self-employed and therefore ineligible for state aid (Radelat , 2006

The victims of Hurricane Katrina are not without skills . One displaced victim by the name of… [banner_entry_footer]


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