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Renaissance in Italy

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The word Renaissance is a French term for the Italian phenomenon that placed emphasis on humanity and the renewed fascination of the classical world . The period of Renaissance is a period of growth and development in the field of arts and music as well as the exploration of the aspects of living , hence certain places all over Rome and Italy became centers exemplifying the Renaissance Period

The Italian peninsula vastly differed from the other areas in Europe in as much as it was considered urban . Italians comprised and occupied the towns and [banner_entry_middle]

cities all over Italy that not even the plague was able to change this . By the 1500 , seven of the ten largest cities in the West were in Italy . Naples , Venice and Milan , each with a population of more than one thousand , led the rest (Mark Kishlansky . Among the places that captured and exemplified the Renaissance period are Venice Florence and Rome

Venice , whose source of prosperity is water , emerged as one of the centers of the Renaissance mainly because of its contributions in trade It controlled land in modern day Italy was incredibly wealthy due to its thriving trade economy and stable political climate , hence , it was able to support the arts and artists . Since it is a major port for trading , it was able to cater and find markets to craftsmen and their decorative arts from glassworkers , ceramicists , lace makers , painters to sculptors . Its state also sponsored buildings and public decorations and this in turn encourage private citizens to decorate their residences by including grand fazades and statues . Hence , even until today , Venice remains to be one of the most beautiful places in Europe

Since Venice is located as the head of the Adriatic Sea , its artistic style uniquely developed and manifested on its own as it was free from outside influence . Hence , the Venetian style of painting was uniquely its own . Artisan guilds helped made sure that Venetian artists and craftsmen were properly compensated and various Venetian schools of arts made sure to choose selectively those who can enter their schools

On the other hand , Florence , another republic that became one of the centers of the Renaissance period , was also a prosperous city . The changes brought about by the Renaissance first occurred in Florence and the city ‘s economy , as well as its , painters , architects and philosophers made Florence a model of Renaissance culture Renaissance : Focus on Florence . HYPERLINK “http /www .learner .org www .learner .org ) Florentine property was admittedly built in two foundations : money and wool

At the start of the 13th century , Florence was the site of the world ‘s wealthiest and powerful bankers . They were not only limited to handling and exchanging money as most of the bankers were tied to mercantile adventures and underwrote industrial activity (Kishlansky . Hence Florence also became the center for purchasing wool to be manufactured into the world ‘s finest woven cloth . But because it depended so much on external conditions , the economy of Florence was… [banner_entry_footer]


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