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Religion. Theologins of the Exile

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How do the ways in which the theologians of the Exile tried to make sense of what happened to Israel help Christians at the start of the twenty first century to hear and respond to the call of God

In the Bible , it is stated that the people of Israel would be hated ridiculed , scorned and exiled . This prophecy is found in Deuteronomy 28 :36-37 , where it talks about how these people will go about their lives in the coming years . This prophecy has been fulfilled a lot of times in different situations [banner_entry_middle]

throughout the course of time . The people of Israel , who are commonly known now as Jews , have been the subject of hatred and persecution all throughout the world , as compared to any other group of people

These Jews have repeatedly been driven away and expelled from their homeland by other groups of people , just as it is stated in the prophecy , that they will be exiled . These groups of people include Assyrians , Babylonians , and Romans . Up until the mid 20th century , these Jews did not have any sovereign control over any part of their homeland since the period 2000 years ago . Until this time , Israel had not been a united and sovereign land for almost 3000 years

The Conquest of Israel

Assyrian Conquest . In 722 BC , Israel was captured by the Assyrians These Assyrian people were known to be aggressive and effective , and all over the Middle East , they were known to have a background of constant warfare . In to ensure that the territories they have conquered will not cause any problems they would then force the majority of the natives to move to other parts of the empire . They then choose the upper classes which are more powerful , because the general masses would pose any danger . Afterwards , they would send Assyrians to move and relocate to the conquered country (Drane , 1987 , pg . 139

During the conquest of Israel , the ten tribes of Israel were forced to scatter all over the empire . These Israelites disappear for the face of history permanently , and were known as the ten lost tribes of Israel ‘ This has been very puzzling because they were completely being assimilated by the Assyrian culture . This is because the Assyrians scattered them in small populations all over the Middle East . The Israelites were deported by the Assyrians who did not live in the same community and were scattered , that is why they soon drop their Yahweh religion , their Hebrew names and identities

Another consequence brought by the Assyrian invasion was the settling of Israel by these Assyrians . These people settled in Samaria , the main capital of Israel , along with the Assyrian gods that they worship and their cultic practices . This is clear manifestation that the Jews were displaced , exiled from their own homeland by another group of people the Assyrians , thus proving the prophecy that they will be exiled (Hooker , 2004

Babylonian Exile . The Babylonian captivity or exile is the reference given to the banishment… [banner_entry_footer]


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