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Religion (GOD)

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Evidence of God : Does He Exist

If one were asked what the most highly debatable is today , it would no doubt be focused on the existence of God . There is no other that spurs as much interest in the people as religion -most probably because it is a very personal aspect of our lives . Religion molds us into who we are and defines our very actions in everyday lives . From my own point of view , there is no doubt as to the existence of God . One look at the people of the world and [banner_entry_middle]

we will see a glimpse of this almost-fanatical clinging to this Supreme Being . How else would we explain the Crusades , the Jihads that have been launched in His name However , the best explanation (at least for me ) on the proof of God ‘s existence can be found in the story once told by my favorite author Robert Fulghum in his book entitled Uh Oh

In one of the anecdotes in the book , Fulghum shares his experience on a plane ride from Melbourne to Athens where he got into a conversation with an Australian carpenter , and an Indian college professor in hydrology . The conversation turned into a theological nature after they have been served their meals and the carpenter commented that his theology had a lot to do with dogs

According to the carpenter , arguing whether or not a God exists is like fleas arguing whether the dog exists . Arguing over the correct name of God is like fleas arguing over the correct name of the dog . And arguing over whose notion of God is correct is like fleas arguing over who owns the dog

After a deep silence , the Indian professor on hydrology commented that they had just left a country where people worshipped the sun and that they were currently flying over countries whose people believed that it was the will of Allah that women should be covered completely -even on beaches . He went on to say that the name of God varied from country to country that the Holy Book was not the same that the rituals and dogmas and routes to heaven were not the same . And so certain were the followers of the different religions of their rectitude that they would gladly kill one another to have their beliefs and metaphors prevail

According to Fulghum , he observed that this deeply troubled the Indian professor and it bothered him to . Why is this so ? Suddenly , the Indian professor pointed out the Indian Ocean beneath them and began speaking about his specialty , water

He said : Water is everywhere and in all living things – we cannot even be separated from water . No water , no life . Water comes in many forms – vapor , liquid , ice , hail , snow , fog , and rain . No matter what the form it is still water . Human beings give this commodity many names in many languages in all its forms . It ‘s crazy to argue over what the true name is . No… [banner_entry_footer]


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