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Relationships between Adults and children

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Relationship Between Adults and Children

It is said that children are brought into this world by his parents as a blank slate . He is a sponge waiting to absorb knowledge and understanding about the world around him . The child accomplishes this in various stages during his formative and adolescent years

In the womb , the fetus begins to develop a relationship with his adults , also known as his parents . A bond is created during this stage that ties the child not only physically to the adults , but emotionally as well . When a child [banner_entry_middle]

is born , his first cry is that of insecurity and unfamiliarity . This is when the first test of a child ‘s relationship with his adults is first tested . The baby looks for his mothers care and reassurance . Even though he does not understand what is happening quite yet , this signals the start of his growth and development under the guidance of the first adult in his life — his mother

As the child begins to learn about how to survive and be a part of this world , he looks to the adults to show him the way . This is a critical responsibility on the adult ‘s part . Who he will be in the future depends upon the adults leading by example . The child will continually seek the approval of the adults as he grows and develops into his own personality . The rejection or approval of an adult of a child ‘s actions can and will dictate the kind of relationship the two will have in the future

Childhood is practice for the future adult life . The relationship between an adult and child is critical during this point because the adult holds the key to the mental and physical development of the child Emotional maturity is developed by the child through his relations with the adults . This is why the relationship of adults is critical to young children ‘s healthy growth and development… [banner_entry_footer]


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