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Refuting Human Cloning

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Cloning is the exact replication of genetic entities / components of any organism using cells usually from a donor organism . Cloning can be used in both animals and humans as well as in human and animal organs . Though cloning has some advantages , a lot of ethical issues have erupted resulting to major debates on the viability of this biotechnology . There are a lot of technicalities that can only be answered with more and more laboratory tests . In [banner_entry_middle]

other words cloning is a field spurred with diverse implications and uncertain results . Woo Suk Hwang South Koreas stem cell king forged key discoveries and flouted ethical issues . With this devastating discovery it ‘s apparent that even the scientist cannot assure the world on the authenticity of cloning

Repair nervous system injuries

A ) Burden of disease (Who

As much as there are advantages of taking care of nervous system injuries , due to the production of the same types of cells with no change in genome , incase of future attacks of pathogens on the cells the cells may not survive as is intended . Consequently this is not yet fully researched and using human beings as objects of laboratory tests is ethically wrong and against the code of scientific studies (Gurdon Colman , 2002 . Also there is the risk of somatic cells mutations , which may even trigger the growth of malignant cells making the situation even worse . This may be caused by implications of medications used in and after the process of cloning . The process of cloning as it pertains to this issue has not yet been authenticated . Also the new homogenous cells may be affected by diverse climatic changes and have less resistance to pathogens

B Mechanism (How

Cloning under nervous system treatment has not been fully tasted and authenticated . New cells that are similar may not be able to fight pathological attacks in case of diverse environmental changes Scientists on the hand are not sure of the implications of this kind of treatment on patients . Medication used during invalid and convalescing stages may cause cells mutations

C . Therapy- maybe time dependent

As much as cloning may be the only option to saving the life of a patient the implications are worse because of stipulations . With cloning to repair nervous system injuries even the scientists can not predict for how long the cells will keep working . The viability of the process has enough flaws and needs to be investigated more and more and verified

Reverse the aging process

A . Burden of disease

If a conclusion is made that cloning will reverse the aging process and hence reduce the burden of disease , this will just be a stipulation . The human cells are unique in there own way and cloning of somatic cells to reverse old age process and diseases may have adverse negative implications that may trigger some mutations

B . Mechanism (How

With the reversing of the aging process , there may arise negative effects of the… [banner_entry_footer]


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