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Reflective Essay

There is a saying that a mother is God to a young child . A mother sustains life , wipes your tears away when you hurt , and kisses every booboo , real or imagined . A mother is a child ‘s world . It ‘s a harsh reality to find out that your mom is actually human she can cause pain as much as she can heal it . I was the youngest of four children one brother and two sisters . As a tight knit family , with strong Christian values , I always felt safe and secure . I [banner_entry_middle]

imagine it was difficult for my mother to give attention to each of us , we always demanded so much as children often do . Mom must have known what she was doing since I never felt that my cry for her undivided attention went unheard . Then , my tiny , predictable little world came to a standstill when I saw my mother as a person and not the divine being I once knew

Sunday mornings were a busy time in our home . Church began at nine o ‘clock and it was a mandatory weekly event . of us kids minded really . The hectic morning began with bodies rushing around , pushing each other out of the bathroom to finish each of our morning rituals After the morning chaos , it was a peaceful experience to walk into the sanctuary filled with heavenly music from the organ . My two sisters and my brother and I would sit side by side , with mom and dad like book ends on each end . I always snuggled into the crook of mom ‘s arm , feeling her body tense as the pastor ‘s sermon intensified . Her voice filled my head as she joined the congregation in songs of praise . I liked to imagine her body , big boned and stout , turning light as air , floating above us and filling the room with her heavenly voice . How I wish Sundays ‘ could have always been so magical

It started out as a typical Sunday morning my sister interrupted my morning bath , throwing my bare butt out of the bathroom so she could brush her teeth . Then dad got a call , he had to go into work . After a rush of kisses and goodbyes , dad flew out the door and mom finished gathering our dress coats , hats and gloves . We must have been running late , I heard my mother using her outside voice ‘ inside , a very big no-no . Keys were jangling , doors were slamming , voices were bickering and then . silence

I walked out of the bathroom , toothbrush dangling from my mouth , to see what was going on . To my surprise nothing was going on ! I ran down the stairs , through the kitchen , to the great room . Mom ‘s burgundy shoulder bag was there , the bible sis was given after confirmation was there but they ‘ were not there

I see myself standing there in the great room , I watch my younger self in slow motion . I ‘m standing there , staring at the bible… [banner_entry_footer]


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