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reflection on progrms learnt

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Reflection on Programs Learnt

Before computers , automation , and digital technology had penetrated and eventually dominated the business world , everything was done manually And looking back , those days seem to be eons ago . Today , almost every process is taken into the next level of digital computing . A lot of programs are now developed to make business procedures easier and faster

By taking this course , first , I came to realize that creating letters office memorandums , and business plans , are now done more efficiently with Word . The preparation of statistical business reports , the planning [banner_entry_middle]

br of a budget , and the computing all accounting-related tasks are a whiz with Excel . And if you happen to have a surprise sales presentation due in a few hours , PowerPoint wizards and templates can certainly help you big time . Even e-mail correspondence is now be well organized and clutter free – thanks a lot to Outlook

These programs and today ‘s new technologies had played a very big role in the advancement of the economy , as well as in the overall improvement of human lives . If not for these innovations , the world would not have changed much . Holiday cards and letters would still have taken ages before they reach their intended recipients . We really have so much to thank for

Personally , I have benefited greatly with an increased knowledge of PowerPoint . Now , I have more than enough confidence in addressing a group of colleagues and even superiors that regularly gathers for office meetings . Preparing visual aids that can assist me in my audio /video presentations , which tackles the important points of the meeting I am tasked to explain , is way simpler , more personalized and a lot more professional now than it is before . Because I now can prepare the report myself , I get familiar with the facts and figures I am to talk about as go along . It is way better compared to asking somebody to do it for me I need not spend sleepless nights just going over and reviewing the PowerPoint presentation they made for me

Overall , taking this course had prepared me for the new world ahead . It had given me the expertise necessary to survive today ‘s working challenges . It also opened several doors of opportunities from which I freely enter if I want to . The business world changes rapidly . And it is upon us to challenge ourselves to keep our skills current . Because if not , like any other old news , we will just become a thing of the past… [banner_entry_footer]


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