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Reflection on a clinical skill(student nurse) – IM Injections

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The purpose of reflecting on practice , according to Johns (1995 ) is to enable the nurse interpret a process or experience in to learn from such experience . In this regard , the purpose of this essay is to review an experience in practice which demonstrates my progress in the development of a clinical skill . To effectively review the experience , I will be using a reflective framework to analyse how and what I have gained from the experience . For this purpose , I have decided to make use of Johns Reflective Model (1998 . This model encourages reflection [banner_entry_middle]

on practice through five stages /processes , Reflection Influencing Factors , Could I have dealt with this better ? and Learning The use of this model in reviewing the experience will not only facilitate critical thinking but will also encourage relating recent literatures to practice , thus encouraging evidence based practice . In subsequent sections , the experience will discussed in the light of the reflective model and at the end will be a conclusion , which will sum up the plan ‘ for future practices

The development need which I have chosen to discuss in this essay is the administration of Intramuscular (IM ) injections . This decision is borne out of the embarrassing incident that occurred during my clinical placement the administration of drug through IM injections that resulted in sciatic nerve injury . Due to the ugly situation that this incident placed my team and the hospital management , it became imperative to further research on the of IM injections administration . This incident indicated that my IM injection administration skill was poorly developed and encouraged me to further develop in this area

To begin with , the Johns Reflective Model requires a of the incident . During my placement in the hospital , a 20-year-old male patient was admitted following a fracture of his upper limb . Since the patient had severe pain during his treatment , he had to be administered with 30mg of Pentazocine through IM injection . I had to administer him with the intramuscular injection under inspection , as pain reliever Later , the same patient was re-admitted on the grounds of a foot drop The patient was put to examination . He provided no history of polio infection and did not have any weakness in other limbs or associated sensory disturbance . On careful analysis it became apparent that I had injected the patient on the dorsogluteal site without proper calculation of the right injection site , and thus had injured the sciatic nerve of the patient . Looking at the `casual ‘ and `context ‘ of this experience as the Johns Reflective Model encourages , it appears that self consciousness from the realisation that I was being monitored and the ensuing nervousness would have contributed to the administration of the injection on the wrong site

The second stage of the Johns Reflective Model requires `reflection ‘ on the incident . It involves answering questions like : What was I trying to achieve ? What were the consequences of my actions for me and others ? How did I feel about the experience when it was happening… [banner_entry_footer]


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