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reflection induction week

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Learning New Ropes : A Reflection on Induction Week

Having several years of experience and working with a multi-disciplinary team has equipped me with the necessary competencies to be an effecting school nurse . It was a strange feeling that one has to introspect on an activity such as induction , and to realise how one ‘s services may further be improved . In the end , I have realised that all of the efforts are ultimately for the benefit of the children – that is determining what their needs are and adequately addressing them through apt and [banner_entry_middle]

responsive programmes

Cognition and thinking in student mode was not at all a walk in the park . It took quite a while for me to adjust and to be able to think outside of my normal role . I have also realised that I had deeply embedded stereotypes which I had to debunk and instinctive responses which I had to curb to become more effective at what I do . This was indeed a challenge because I have been accustomed to thinking , feeling behaving in some way . I have also found it a bit difficult when my colleagues ask me questions for guidance . However , when I try to answer them , I begin to think if there was another way to carry it the task at hand more efficiently . In other words , these experiences were about questioning what one has conventionally done and to start thinking how it may be done differently to enhance the process . I have realised that maintaining the status quo with the way things are done at work may lead to boredom and will not enhance one ‘s critical thinking skills . It is thus good that one questions one ‘s paradigms occasionally to be able to validate their applicability to the given situation . This will also help me become more flexible in my role

Looking back at the first year ‘s practice week , I feel that I have not yet made the transition from being a school nurse who undertakes the role on a part-time basis . The mentality was difficult to break initially . I have attributed this to the very long duration during which I have performed the role , and in fact , I still am working as a part-time school nurse ! In addition , I have felt that the second year was much easier because I was then able to distinguish my roles and to focus on what is being asked of me in the present . During this stage , I have also felt more confidence in having greater familiarity with my mentor – that is , I feel more reassured in what needs to be done , when it needs to be done by . I have then realised also the value of self-development , and the authentic eagerness to learn more about the profession . For some , being of age may mean being an expert in the role – but even nursing gurus never cease learning . Great minds are always inquisitive and will always find a matter or an issue of interest Likewise… [banner_entry_footer]


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