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Recruitment & Selection Report

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Recruitment Selection Report


Recruitment and selection is the process of hiring individuals Historically hiring individuals is as old as organizations themselves The Chinese are thought to have the first documented selection when they used selection tests for civil servants . However , as a professional scholarly field it is related to the HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Psychometric ” \o “Psychometric psychometric theory and later the human resources professionals developed it into an integrated system (Wikipedia

According to the professional standards of industrial psychologists selection should be based on a job [banner_entry_middle]

analysis in that selection is related to the job requirements . The requirements identified by these psychologists are knowledge , skills , ability , and other characteristics which are known as KSAOs . While organizations are keen to succeed in recruiting the right people for their vacancies , individuals are also on the hunt for the best opportunity that suits their skills and expertise Within this perspective recruitment is defined as follows

Recruitment is the process by which organizations discover , develop seek , and attract individuals to fill actual or anticipated job vacancies . Or from another perspective , it is a bridge-building activity – bringing together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs (Sims , 2002

Recruitment and selection in today ‘s HRM is closely linked to planning human resources . With the awareness of all parties concerned that successful recruitment and selection is an important factor in the success of an organization , recruitment and selection have received great attention and have established procedures based on experience and empirical research . However , it is important for each organization to consider certain factors relating to its strategies ad other environmental factors that may affect the success of its recruitment Among these factors are reputation of the organization , recruitment philosophy , recruitment goals and attractiveness of the job . These are usually termed internal factors . As for the external factors they may include labour market conditions , government influences , economic trends and labour unions (Sims , 2002

Most of the big organizations can successfully recruit and select the right people for their vacancies and usually the majority of recruitment and selection efforts are successful due to the advances achieved in HRM

Yet there is one challenging problem that should be addressed carefully recruitment for skills or professions that employers are facing shortage of applicants . In this I am going to study the problem of shortage of Registered Nurses in to suggest a strategy for recruiting RNs and developing retention policies that may address the alarming shortage of RNs . The problem will be investigated in a literature review study under the following headings

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Today

Why is there a shortage in RNs

The Proposed Recruitment and Selection Strategy

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Today

Conventional recruitment management is well established and the main steps in planning and conducting recruitment are common to most of the organizations . Yet all HR personnel are aware that a bad hiring decision is intolerable to management . Then in an attempt to get it right recruitment and… [banner_entry_footer]


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