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rational/irrational as a male/female dichotomy in the texts `Medea` by Euripides and `A Doll`s House` by Henrik Ibsen

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rational /irrational as a male /female dichotomy in the texts `Medea` by Euripides and `A Doll`s House` by Henrik Ibsen

Rational and Irrational as a Male /Female Dichotomy in the Texts `Medea` by Euripides and `A Doll`s House` by Henrik Ibsen Clearly , the concept of rationality , as associated with gender , and as pertaining to through the conservation of personal political and economic power , was of extreme consequence to both the ancient and modern worlds . In Euripides ’92 celebrated play ’93Medea ’94 as in Henrik Ibsen ’92s equally celebrated but much later play [banner_entry_middle]

’93A Doll ’92s House ’94 the depiction rationality and irrationality as pertains to a gender-specific accumulation of personal power and longing for universal justice comprise a central motive of expression , as well as informing the ’92 respective philosophical and historical visions

Because the ancients regarded justice as a power in itself , and one that was divinely inspired and maintained , peculiar ironies are made in Medea ’92s monologues which seem to indicate a kind of irrational personal corruption on behalf of the gods themselves

Don ‘t say that . Even the gods , they claim ,are won by gifts . And among mortal men ,gold works more wonders than a thousand words .Her fortune ‘s on the rise . Gods favor her .She ‘s young , with royal power to command

Thus , the dichotomy between justice and power is established on grounds of personal corruption . If even the Gods are ’93won by gifts ’94 if gold ’93works more wonders than a thousand words ’94 (we may presume these ’93words ’94 are those which would , perhaps , entreat justice we see a sustained cynicism in these lines , where Medea begins to envision the position of the individual appeal for justice , unsupported by objective power , to be ineffectual and tragically ignored

In other words , the rational world operates under a set of condition foremost among them being the glorification of personal wealth , which is , itself , unjust and irrational measured against Euripides /Ibsen -2-

the emotional and psychological needs of the individual . There is a sense of self-liberation beginning with objective , rather than abstract conceptions of power . Thus , Medea ’92s murder of her children represents her taking action on plane of rational and pragmatic action (the desire for self-empowerment ) by way of a means , which envisioned through the male-dominated and prevailing social and political points of view is irrational and insane (Hall

When Medea reflects on her own dichotomy between personal power and justice – ’97 she realizes with tragic consequence that her power , like the political power used to oppress her – ’96- emerges out of some unsavory sacrifice of personal morals

But to spare my children banishment ,I ‘d trade more than gold . I ‘d give my life .Now , children , when you get inside the palace ,you must beg this new wife of your father ‘s ,my mistress , not to send you into exile .When you present these gifts , your must make sure she takes them from you herself , in… [banner_entry_footer]


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