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Radio Frequency Identification future uses and implications

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Radio Frequency Identification : The Future Uses and Implications


The study was conducted to be able to present an alternative point of view regarding the technology that was the Radio Frequency Identification system . The technology was considered as one of the most widely used technology due to its application in different tracking device and other common applications . The study was conducted and results were presented through an alternative manner focusing on the application of the said technology on functions other than inventories in [banner_entry_middle]

manufacturing firms

The focus of the study that was undertaken includes the future endeavor and utilization of the RFID technology including child care and monitoring and other alternative applications such as criminal surveillance and medical uses . Another is the exploration of one of the most controversial application of the technology that is through implants on human for monetary and financial transaction purposes


The contemporary era can be characterized by the different development and advancement in technology . The successful discoveries and inventions that made its mark in history and in the market are those that offer feasible solutions and applications to the problems of the different aspect of the daily life

One of the challenges that were answered by modern technology is keeping track of different items and entities to be able to decrease the time and effort in organization and classification of things . In line with the challenge , a related technology was developed . It is the Radio Frequency Identification technology , which is also referred to as the RFID

Radio Frequency Identification Defined

The technology that is regarded as the Radio Frequency Identification can be identified by the capability to track and take tab a wide variety of things and also humans . The uses of the RFID technology are presently being recognized n different fields . These include the field of manufacture , medicine and even in fighting and finding solutions to different crimes (Landt 2001

The Radio Frequency Identification is a form of tag that transmits signal and red by a remote decoder which has the capacity to recognize these signals . The technology works through the transmission of radio frequency signals that enables its capacity to operate remotely . The capability to be recognized can be attributed to the fact that the RFID tag is composed of a silicon microchip that responds to signals . The size can be considered convenient which can also be credited to the suitability of its use for a wide variety of applications . It can range from the dimension of a millimeter to as sheer as (RSA Security A Primer ‘ 2004

A . How RFID Operates

The RFID tags can broadcast signal that can be considered as identifiable by the detector . Through the action of the active receptors and the passive tags , which is the common kind , RFID ‘s are able to function efficiently . The said technology can be considered as a step-up and improvement of the related technology such as the bad codes . It can be characterized by the wireless… [banner_entry_footer]


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