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Race in Morgantown West Virginia

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Race in Morgantown West Virginia

Morgantown is a city in Monongalia County , which according to the United States Census Bureau (USCB , has a largest city in North-Central West Virginia . Morgantown has solid ties with the Anglo-French territorial struggle . Morgantown was greatly challenged among its pioneers , and Native Americans as well as the English and French until 1763 , during the Treaty of Paris . The treaty favored the English but the Indians continued to fight until almost the time the American Revolution began . Zackquill Morgan was the founder of Morgantown , chartered in in 1785 [banner_entry_middle]

by the Virginia General Assembly . It became a part of the newly created state of the West Virginia following the 1863 secession of slave-free counties from the slave state of Virginia


This essay emphasizes the racial condition of Morgantown , West Virginia This also includes how the issues were treated by the government and how they are controlled

Racism is defined as an action , attitude or belief of an individual or institution that displays partiality towards one race over another . Race discrimination on the other hand is a behavior which directs against the welfare of minority groups . It occurs when a certain decision is based on race and when an individual is treated differently because of race

Morgantown is a city of mixed races . And , among these races , some have been victims of racism . One example , an Iranian Muslim couple was terminated for no clear reasons . The reason was claimed to be classified , but the truth is the couple was terminated without due process because they are Iranian Muslims . However , the couple was backed up by an organization for them to attain justice . The couple then , after a suit , was reinstated , subject to back pay , benefits , and damages to compensate them for the loss of income , humiliation and emotional distress the couple suffered due to the incident . Though racism has long been abolished , there were still a lot of incidents that it was practiced . However , because of the laws preventing them , some have undergone legal proceedings and were given justice due for the victims Schools and other establishments in morgantown have special provisions with them which provides sanctions to people harassing or discriminating another due to its race

Racism exists anywhere , even up to this time , though , regulated and condemned . Morgantown has few incidents of racism due to its diverse ethnicities

West Virginia University ‘s Speech and Thought codes clearly emphasize the dos and don ‘ts of racism . 1 . DO NOT use language that is respectful , intimidating , or belittling to persons of any race Likewise , DO NOT tolerate such language from others . 2 . DO NOT think that an individual member of a group represents or can speak for the `assumed ‘ attitudes , opinions , and beliefs of the whole group . One person cannot tell you what all African Americans think about certain issues . 3 . DO NOT determine whether you will interact with someone based on his /her race . Understanding and awareness result from interacting with people who have diverse beliefs… [banner_entry_footer]


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