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Race, Genre and Rock and Roll

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Race , Genre and Rock and Roll

Race , Genre and Rock and Roll


America has always been a land of change and progress . For better or for worse , Americans , using the fighting spirit that has been engrained in them since the nation was born , are always exploring the boundaries of what is in to see what can be , and using what they have at their disposal to make that evolution happen . An ideal example of this is can be seen in the birth of the all-American musical genre of Rock and [banner_entry_middle]

Roll . In the process that ultimately created this music , the racial situation , culture , and general atmosphere of the United States changed and would indeed never be the same . In this essay , these factors will be discussed in detail

Social Context and Cultural Environment of the Pre-Rock ‘ America

When discussing what Rock and Roll is , and what it did to America , it is important to first understand the situation in America in the years leading up to the birth ‘ of Rock and Roll . Indeed , America was greatly changed in the years immediately following World War II having helped many other of their international neighbors in saving the world from the plagues of Nazism and Fascism , young Americans were emboldened by the experience , and were excited about the seemingly bright future that lie ahead . The US experienced one of its largest economic and populations booms in its history , as veterans of the war came home and started families , built homes , and purchased that ultimate symbol of power and independence , the automobile (Cooper , 2000 . In the midst of all of this progress , there still was the burning urge to relax and enjoy life , as backyard barbeques , parties , and family events became a top priority in the nation . However , this comfort and stability would turn out to be short-lived , as other problems soon emerged that held the potential to disrupt the nation once again . First did the problem of The Cold War , the growing tension between the US and the then Soviet Union , with both nations possesses the types of weapons that could quite literally destroy the planet itself . On the domestic front , the tensions between black and white Americans grew , as the minority blacks fought to gain equality and their fair share of The American Dream (Hochschild , 1995 . This served to put up a racial barrier between two groups of Americans on the basis of race . This barrier would have to be addressed if the nation were to move forward

Racial Barriers- Black and White Americans

The race issue in 1950s America , combined with international challenges , led to a great deal of strife within the nation . Blacks and whites were kept separate as a matter of law and culture- for all of the promises of liberty and justice for all that one can see in the American Constitution , the document that set the framework for the rights of everyone , blacks were forced to live in substandard housing , were discriminated against in… [banner_entry_footer]


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