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Race & Gender

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Racial and ethnic diversity in a university can be considered as one of the factors that may determine how open to cultures the university is In the case of University of Colorado , Boulder , there is a significant number of minority students that pursue degrees in the school . Although the school is situated in the state of Colorado and in the United States , the ethnic diversity that prevails in the school may not be completely reflective of the diversity in the state and in the country

Using the information available from the Office of [banner_entry_middle]

Diversity and Equity , the data with regards to the enrollment of minority students was gathered . Also , data was gathered from the website of the city of Boulder with regards to the ethnicity of its population as well as those of the state of Colorado and the United States as well . Presented in the table below are the percentage of each minority group in the university city , state , and country for the year 2000

University of Colorado City of Boulder State of Colorado United States

Native American 0 .6 0 .5 1 .0 0 .9

Asian American 5 .2 4 .1 2 .3 3 .7

African American 1 .7 1 .2 3 .8 12 .3

Hispanic / Latino 5 .3 8 .2 17 .1 12 .5 Ethnicity in the University , City , State , and Country

Based on these figures , it is quite evident that there are starking differences in the presence of certain minorities in the school as compared to that of the state and the country . However , it must be noted that the percentages for the university and the city are greatly similar . Such similarity must be attributed to the fact that the university is situated in Boulder city . Therefore , it is expected that most of the university ‘s students are residents of the city as well

When comparing the school ‘s diversity to that of the state and the country , there are certain minorities who stand out for there exist a great difference in their presence in the school and in the state and in the country . For instance , only 1 .7 of the school ‘s students are African American . This is far less than the 12 .3 of the whole country ‘s population who are African Americans . However , such figure is close to the 3 .8 of the states ‘s population . The difference with the country ‘s count for African Americans may be attributed to the country ‘s history Analyzing the country ‘s history will reveal that there were very little African Americans who moved north of the country . Most settled in the southern states . It must be recalled that the early African Americans were slaves and worked mostly in the southern states were farming was the staple source of income . This led to a greater settlement of the said minority in the said areas

Another minority group that is well represented in the state is the Hispanic /Latino minority . Hispanics make up 17 .1 of the… [banner_entry_footer]


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