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Race and Your Community

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Race and Your Community

Race and community play a great role in the personal formation of every person . Although we are all shaped by an individual combination of factors including various aspects of our life , it is difficult to overestimate the role of community in shaping our individualities . As a 24-year old African American girl living in Washington , D .C , I can confirm that race and community play an important role in my life and shape my identity

The African American community in Washington , D .C , is a relatively large and [banner_entry_middle]

influential one . The city boasts a great African American heritage and is closely associated with the formation and development of the community in the nation . At present , many cultural institutions are engaged in exploration of African American cultural values , our artistic potential , and contribution to the national and global culture . The African American Civil War Memorial , the Anacostia Museum and Center for African American History and Culture , and a host of other institutions help shape the racial identity of young representatives of the community . Nightlife and dining in Washington , D .C , also bear a distinct imprint of the community

However , despite the fact that African Americans have a strong presence in the city , many are still among the least empowered members of society . Educational and professional achievement level continues to lag behind that of the general population , and financial problems plague many families

African Americans certainly do not all look alike . We display strong differences in appearance and culture associated with our diverse origins from different ethnic groups of Africa . An influx of recent immigrants from the same continent diversifies the pool of genetically conditioned discrepancies in appearance even more . However , we do share many common features in our looks that set us apart from other races

I would not say that African Americans get harsh treatment from the leaders of our community . In the past years , there is a positive trend toward greater representation of African Americans in various bodies of power , and therefore , a stronger reflection of our interests in the community can be expected . However , this representation is still minuscule compared to our contribution to the economic , social , and cultural life of the US capital city . It is certainly an outrage that Washington , D .C , is deprived of voting rights for US Congress since this regulation also deprives a large African American population of the possibility to express their ideas and make them reflected in national politics

As to everyday life , I believe that the life of African Americans in the city is still hampered significantly by racist beliefs and stereotypes In this sense , there is still a distinct divide between different communities in the city . This fact is also true of recent immigrant communities , not just Black and White groups . However , in the case of African Americans , it is still the case that there is a separation line between them and other members of the community driven by historic animosity and misunderstanding

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