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Race and Your Community

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Racial discrimination has spurred a lot of debate all over the world over the decades . Racism is not tied to a group of certain people but it is a problem that has affected the whole world . With the current justice system , perpetrators may be punished but without addressing the root causes and sensitizing people against racial discrimination the world is just dealing with the symptoms of racial discrimination . Over the decades racial discrimination has reduced considerably [banner_entry_middle]

but it is still rooted in some communities . Racial discrimination has its backing from cultural beliefs and conceptions from the past which up to date in some communities are seen as normal hence the prevalence of this vice . As (Albert et al , 1990 ) defines it , this is the treatment of one race by another race in contempt or in a way that restricts them to the civil social , religious , economic , political , membership to certain clubs , and education opportunities . This critically analyses racism in my community focusing in the aspect of skin color , availability of equal opportunities to all , and the impacts of racism . Finally I will propose some possible control measures

I am a white male living in South Orange County California . The communities living in South Orange County California is Hispanics African Americans , Asians , native Hawaiians , Latinos , American Indian The African Americans in my community comprise of 1 .9 while the white persons comprise of about 79 . This makes the distinction of skin color more noticeable . Apart from the skin color the other features are similar . For instance they all have varied body sizes which are not tied to a certain race or skin color , their intellectual abilities socialization and behaviors vary from individual to individual despite the skin color of the people . Though the society refutes the fact that there is racial discrimination , racial discrimination is present even if it is not very pronounced . Historically , racial discrimination has been an issue not only in America but also in the whole world

The leaders in my community try their best to treat all the community equally , as is evidenced by political leaders ‘ church leaders administrators and government officials . USA embraces human rights and fundamental freedoms for all . Therefore the legal system offers an avenue for arbitration for all cases of discrimination . In Orange County , racial discrimination cases are confronted in a number of ways including the courts . In my community racial discrimination takes many forms but it is very pronounced in terms of access to resources and opportunities . The white community being the dominant community in the county , its members occupy very many positions of influence and therefore can easily discriminate against the other communities in terms of access to resources . For instance racial minorities in the community are in some instances denied documents which may help them get jobs and upgrade their lives . The above is an example of one of the ways in which racial discrimination is manifested in… [banner_entry_footer]


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