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Race and My Community : The Bronx

I live in the Bronx , which is one of the most heavily populated areas of New York City . There are nearly one and a half million people living in the Bronx , which is considered a borough ‘ rather than a city . This area is mainly comprised of Hispanics , African-Americans and Whites , though there is a large population of other ‘ races . My ethnicity is Guyanese , which falls into the category of other Guyana is part of South America , and most Guyanese live in Queens rather than the Bronx [banner_entry_middle]

. While most Guyanese are dark-skinned , I myself am light-skinned . For this reason , I am often mistaken for Hispanic . As there are so many Hispanics in my area , it means that I fit right in Most of the people in my community look like me , and I am never singled out for my race . It would be different if my skin were darker , because the Indian members of my community tend to get picked on . The hardest part of being Guyanese is that most people have no idea what it means or where my people originally come from

I can walk through my neighborhood and not worry that I will be singled out because of my race . However , if I dressed in a way that indicated that I was not Hispanic , this would not be the case . There are always individuals who feel that they are superior to others because of the color of their skin . The neighborhoods tend to be self-segregated according to race and culture . While I might walk through the Hispanic neighborhood , I would probably avoid the African-Americans . This is not cultural snobbery on my part , I just prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible

The immigration of the Guyanese (and other similar races ) to the five boroughs of New York increased greatly during the 1980 ‘s . According to Nancy Foner in her book , Islands of the City : West Indian Migration To New York , Even more striking , the population of individuals reporting a Guyanese ancestry grew by over 250 percent to almost fifty thousand in 1990 ‘ This is the time in which the population the Census Bureau refers to as other ‘ began to increase exponentially . In spite of this mass emigration , the Guyanese and other West Indians did not become a significant part of the political landscape . One fact that most people don ‘t know is that we have the highest marriage rate and smallest divorce rate of all West Indians simply put , we create strong bonds and two-parent households (Bonnett , 2004 . Unfortunately , the Guyanese assimilated into the present culture and did not assert themselves There is no Guyanese Day Parade , nor a West Indian Day . The Guyanese have great spending power they have the largest income of all West Indians in New York

I have never read a textbook that was written by or about the Guyanese . This is to be expected , as the writing of textbooks has been dominated by Caucasians for many years . It… [banner_entry_footer]


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