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Race and Your Community

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Cultural Diversity V .S . Tallahassee

In 1776 The United States declared independence from Britain . As American white males disputed with the British over their right to enjoy life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness , they were also forced to acknowledge the hypocrisy of their politics concerning blacks . When slavery finally did get abolished , many whites were against white and black integration . They felt that whites could never view blacks as equals . This mindset has lasted to this day in the states . It is found most commonly in the south . The racial conflicts [banner_entry_middle]

in the United States are the result of Western colonization , which has had a major influence on the global black diaspora . So far in my life , I have traveled to and lived in , many different locations . For this autobiographical sketch , I will base the analysis on my experience in the community of Tallahassee , Florida . The capital of Florida , and predominantly a college town , Tallahassee has many unique traits that make it an interesting for sociological interpretation

Tallahassee is often referred to as Southern Georgia , despite its recognition as Florida ‘s capital . Being a member of the white community who has traveled extensively , I have become well accustomed to the differing perceptions of race between Northern and Southern parts of the states . I definitely consider Tallahassee to be one of the most southern cities in which I ‘ve ever resided and by southern , I mean it embodies a community of people who still cherish the views commonly felt during Antebellum South . Politically , the area is very socially conscious and quite liberal in its politics . Tallahassee even has a black mayor , John Marks , but his position lacks power in that he can ‘t veto and he represents only one vote on the city commission . Despite this , the fact that he is in power , among other things , is an example of the liberal nature of the Tallahassee citizens . Almost 80 of the voters were estimated to have voted for John Kerry in the previous presidential election . In 2005 the Census Bureau estimated the population to be a little over 158 ,500 people , 70 ,000 of whom are estimated to be college students . Blacks make up 32 of the overall town population , which is actually a lot for a town of its nature

The majority of the blacks born and raised in Leon (Tallahassee ‘s county title ) aren ‘t very well off financially . I have seen many holding company jobs , but on average all poor parts of the city are predominantly populated with blacks . The majority of the white and black communities in Tallahassee remain virtually segregated apart from one another . This , more so , applies to the original and permanent Tallahassee residence . The college students and political workers downtown tend to travel within more integrated social communities . A major physical trait I noticed in the black community is the difference in skin color between blacks who are from Tallahassee and blacks who aren ‘t . There are very few mixed minorities , or… [banner_entry_footer]


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