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Race and The American Melting Pot

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Race and The American Melting Pot Introduction

Cornell West writes that race matters represent the most explosive issue in American life ‘ West maintains that there is a relationship between the struggle against racism and the socialist theory in the United States . He states that American socialists have tried to understand racism to no avail . He examines the Marxist concepts of this issue and uses this as a springboard to discuss the new concepts that enlightens people today on the roles of racism in America both in the past and at present (West [banner_entry_middle]

p Race has been a very complex and ambiguous term . But in the present society the issue of race has made a significant impact on the economic political , and cultural structures . It becomes a determining factor in man ‘s societal life . Race , as a construct , can also be traced by its historical roots as it developed in modern Western society

Social Construction Perspective

This perspective on race and racism clearly exemplifies the social construction approach . Historicizing is the first step to the analysis But the economic , political , and cultural conditions are also vital aspects to the study . This greatly deviates from the essentialist approach to race and ethnicity . In this context , there have been a lot of theories that describe the ideal society . But despite the characteristics that define and describe the ideal society , one characteristic remains constant–that is the utopia

Plato defines this utopia as the ultimate form of ideal that society can reach . Although , in his theory , utopia could only be reached in the purest of forms . This utopia is described by using the ideal world and the world we are living now . Plato says that the natural world exists apart from the ideal world . And whatever there is in the natural world there also exists in the ideal world , in the purest of its form . Marx ‘s utopia , on the other hand , is the communist republic , by which equality is the purest form demonstrated (Klosko , 2003

The concept of race and ethnicity through a social construct perspective brought back racial issues into the sphere of human interaction , human praxis . The emphasis now turns to the relationship of ethnicity with the superstructures of society in general . With a sociohistorical outlook , the concept of race is viewed not only as a product of sociopolitical forces at work but is , in fact , determinative , as well of the transformation of such forces . Ethnicity typically emphasizes the cultural , socioeconomic , religious , and political qualities of human groups rather than their genetic ancestry . The development of human society has been more or less a result of the prevalent racial themes Modernity is a global racial formation project (Winant 21 ) The link between racial issues and the emergence of capitalist economic system , with its emphasis on efficient production , are immanent in the cotton-driven economy of the 18th South . The role of black worker is significant to the point that after the emancipation of the slaves in the country . Southern states have , by far , lagged… [banner_entry_footer]


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