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Race and Revolution

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Running Head : Race and Revolution

Race and Revolution

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Gary B . Nash author of many books is a professor of history at the University of California , Los Angeles . Race and Revolution published in 1990 is one of his best manuscripts . This book brought into center a significant change in American thoughts in the years subsequent to independence numerous Americans shifted from a idea that conceivably African Americans deserved better , to a universal belief that their inferior status was a truth of life to be either [banner_entry_middle]

take pleasure in or tolerate . Nash gives a widespread analysis of the role of African Americans in the insurrection and post-revolutionary era

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The major argument made by Gary Nash is that the Founding Fathers could have taken steps to eliminate slavery during the revolutionary era “Race and Revolution ” is a book that has powerful facts concerning revolutionary generation efforts to right the obvious incongruity of slavery and of their decisive conciliation that not simply left the establishment integral but given it with the protection of a infinitely supported government after 1788

Race and Revolution ” describes the organizational work of evangelical men and women helped publi cize the antislavery cause . Not only did free education aid blacks in presenting their case for freedom , but the commitments and social ties connecting evangelicals helped build an international antislavery network . Nash took up in his book the antislavery crusade , answering the arguments of slaveholders on both moral and practical grounds in his speaking and writing

Nash as well illustrates that cultural and fiscal factors knotted to result not in an actually sensible pronouncement of the new American nation but to a certain extent it ‘s most considerable lost prospect This book further describes the reaction of free black community ‘s to the failure of the revolution ‘s promise , its forceful and coherent petitions for justice , and the community ‘s accomplishments in structuring its own African-American societies within the antagonistic environment of 19th century America

Nash asserts that the earlier slave petitions and making a comprehensive case against slavery that has circulated to the members of the Second Continental Congress . Congratulating the members on their wartime prohibition of the slave trade , he asked that they also address the injustice of slavery itself . He contended that reconciling the inconsistency inherent in the holding of so many hundreds of thousands of blacks in slavery , who have an equal right to freedom with ourselves while we are maintaining this struggle for our own and our children ‘s liberty ” required the Gary Nash wrote , Slavery would remain a national problem , not a southern problem , but northerners , with few exceptions , acknowledged no responsibility for solving the problem . In such a nation , disunion or civil war was expected . Jefferson , by the end , understands it . If something is not done , and done soon , we shall be the murderers of our own children (1990

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Gary Nash ‘s Race and Revolution ‘ focused on African Americans who took… [banner_entry_footer]


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