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Race and Revolution by Gary Nash

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In this book entitled Race and revolution , social historian Nash presents three essays and supporting annotated documents dealing with the neglected of slavery during the Revolutionary era (Szatmary 1 . It is argued here that the most Revolutionary leaders understood the incompatibility of slavery with their equalitarian ideology . The book however takes a novel approach to this concept by blaming the Northern leaders for the persistence of slavery at a time when it most easily could have been abolished because of their unwillingness to compensate Southern slaveholders or to accept a biracial America [banner_entry_middle]

(Szatmary 2 . It is further contended in this book that free blacks adapted to Northern discrimination by creating alternative organizations , especially black churches , which safeguarded an African-American identity and maintained abolitionist fervor . By relying upon recent scholarship , Gary Nash is able to provide an insightful well-written investigation on this issue

Race and Revolution is a trenchant study of the revolutionary generation ‘s early efforts to right the apparent contradiction of slavery and of their ultimate compromises that not only left the institution intact , but provided it with the protection of a vastly strengthened government after 1788 . This book describes the free black community ‘s response to this failure of the revolution ‘s promise , its vigorous and articulate pleas for justice , and the community ‘s successes in building its own African-American institutions within the hostile environment of early nineteenth-century America . These themes that are discussed in the book also make it historically relevant as Nash remains the few historians who have given an alternative view

The War for Independence was the longest and most disruptive conflict in American history , yet many popular histories speak of it as a struggle in which Americans spoke with one voice (Szatmary 1 . Gary Nash assumes a different view on this issue by examining the diversity of the nation in the event and presents a refreshing take on American History


Szatmary , David . An Editorial Review of the Race and Revolution by Gary Nash University of Washington , Seattle Reed Business Information , Inc 1990

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