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questions first day

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I have learned that my skill level is a little above average , but it can be modeled into a better logical standard . Some of my decisions are made on spontaneity and then it leads to my re-evaluation of what I was thinking . Deductive thinking is my new thinking strategy because it requires a more thorough understanding of a whole discussion . With this at hand , I can analyze arguments in a more logical manner and it helps me develop my ideas into understandable structures . I still use inductive thinking strategies when I must understand [banner_entry_middle]

a problem from the inside out – or vice versa . The ability to switch back and forth generates more direct ideas and statements for my responses

My research tool box can include indexing information in a reasonable format . In the beginning , I used the outline scenario to develop my s but I find indexing to be more effective in designing a powerful argument . The reason I choose index is because I can work through a problem without feeling insecure of its concepts , but I would still have to return to fact check . The fact-checking skills – online research and library science – give me an edge in finding the correct resources for my projects . I use these skills to find in-depth abstracts that can pinpoint the appropriate text for inclusion in my assignments . I decided to capitalize on these skills to create a strong methodology of undertaking research and arguments

My new critical thinking skills will allow me the freedom of persuasion at work , school , and in my relationships . I say this because a fully developed concept grants persuasion in the midst of communicating with others . Not to say that my ideas will always be better , but my ideas will have a more grounded sense that can win in negotiations . I plan to use these skills to further my education and find better ways to express myself to others . Maybe these thinking skills can help me fight the aspect of procrastination and re-evaluate my intentions more fairly

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