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Quantitative Reasoning

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Random Selection for a Study of Divorce Attitudes

Random sample should represent the whole population from which it is chosen . The sample should be a miniature version of the population with most of the characteristics of the whole pool . For instance the sample of 25 people in this case should represent the pool of 798 women . The percentage of a type of people should be approximately the same in both population and sample

Marriage is a relationship between two people . Divorce is breaking the relationship . The factors which influence this are age [banner_entry_middle]

, level of education , family background , financial conditions , habits etc . There are many ways to choose the random sample . The women can be classified into different groups and the composition of the sample is chosen based on the number of people in each group . The following are few ways in which the random sample is selected

There is always a reason for a case of divorce . The reasons can be anything . It may so happen that the groom who was rich at the time of marriage might loose his wealth or the husband does not like the habits of the wife . The 798 women can be grouped into different categories based on their reason for divorce . Depending on the number of people present in each group the composition of the sample is decided

Level of education quite often indicates the level of maturity . The women can be classified into different groups based on their educational background and the sample can be chosen depending on the percentage of women in each ground . Level of education can be a basis for classification and our choice of sample . People change with age . As people grow old the attitudes , behavior and their understanding of the world changes . A person who takes divorce at a particular age may not take a divorce at an older age . Age can also be taken as a basis of classification… [banner_entry_footer]


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