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Quality & Supply Chain Managemment

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Quality Supply Chain Management

Canbide ‘s supply chain management problem thorough study is required For now , the best remedy for this problem is the application of demand /supply analysis . This is to solve what is the most effective way to use in to transport the product in a minimum no . of time , distance and such that it is economic

Yes , I agree that transfer points serves as the mean that would assist in holding of merchandise until a full load is available for an organization . If you think , you are economizing thru this [banner_entry_middle]

transfer points , come to think about it . Of course if you have so many things that are needed to maintain while your products are hold in these transfer points . Say , an insurance for this is obliged to play safe , the people working for it (actually , this would be considered overtime ) and the likes . Imagine you have two transfer equipments you have to maintain , how much do you allot to this ? How much did you amortize this Besides what if its economic life is over , would you again amortize for a new one ? ADDIN EN .CITE QuayleQuayle MichaelPurchasing and supply chain management strategies and realitiesxiii 3601stBusiness logistics Management .Strategic planning .2006Hershey , PAIdea Group Publ .http /eproxy .lib .hku .hk /login ?url http /site .ebrary .com /lib /hkulibrary /Doc ?id Click to view the book via ebrary (Quayle , 2006

This would again contribute to your lists of expenditures which could not be . If you think you have economized in terms of transportation expenses /gas expenses . Well , you are wrong , same amount of gas would be consumed if you stopped by the transfer point or just shift it directly to the warehouses . ADDIN EN .CITE Heizer2006996Heizer , Jay H .Render BarryOperations managementxxxv 1168thProduction management .Productiemanagement .2006Upper Saddle River N .J .Pearson /Prentice Hall (hbk (pbk (CD-ROM )Main Library 658 .5 H47 DUE 26-11-06 Main Circ Counter SL 658 .5 H47 CDROM AVAILABLE (Heizer Render , 2006

I have designed a demand supply analysis . First , as I have said before I neglected considering the transfer facility since in the first place I think it is uneconomical . In this I had considered the capacity of the production sites and the demand of the four warehouses . I also have considered the ways such that the demands for each warehouse are satisfied the earliest possible time and in the most economical way Producers 1 , 2 , 3 manufacture 75 , 125 and 100 respectively . On the other hand , Warehouse 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 demands 80 , 65 , 85 and 70 respectively

Figure 1 . Supply Demand Analysis For Canbide ‘s Plastics ADDIN EN .CITE Taha200630 306Hamdy TahaOperation apos s Research82006Prentice Hall (Taha , 2006

Why not consider this plan ? The circle at left stands for the producer ‘s capacity and the arrow is directed unto the destination of the product wherein the transferred quantity of product and the shifting cost of each was . Since producer 1 produces 75 truckloads monthly , and the demand for warehouse 1 is 80… [banner_entry_footer]


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