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Public Relations Communications Process Analysis

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Public Relations Communications Process Analysis Public Relations Communications Process Analysis

In an era that filled with media hype and political correctness , Public Relations and Communication has become an essential part of any organisation or business , no matter what size or purpose . The Public Relations Society of America defines itself – Public relations help an organization and its public adapt mutually to each other

The primary functions of a Public Relations Department to research plan , communicate , evaluate and then advise to the implementation process . This concept is to maximize an effective image for [banner_entry_middle]

the company or organization

In developing an effective Public Relations Department , a company or organization must adapt and foresee changes in the markets , audiences or customer behaviour . In doing so advances the position of staying ahead of the competition

One point that is vital for a company or organization is for their product /service to be relevant to their consumers (audience or community ) needs . Public Relations and communication is not a short temporary commitment , it is an on going investment that requires constant attention and monitoring

For example , it is not advisable to establish a regional classical music radio station in an area that has an audience that leans more toward Hip Hop and various other urban styles of entertainment . A single method to achieve a relevant and clear identification the exact needs of the market is to execute the following

SWOT Analysis – Strengths , Weakness , Opportunities and Threats

Performing external research implementation of results

Ensure the necessary Public Relations Tools are used

Measure results after one year of the new programming

Using the illustration of the Regional Radio Station , i .e . Radio KRP 94 .7fm , 5 years in business and has a listener ship base of 52 ,000 households and broadcast in an area with a population of 500 ,000 with a monthly advertising income of 10 ,000 . We will establish an effective and efficient Public Relations and Communications Department , one that takes this Station to the top of its category while expanding the listener ship

SWOT Analysis – Strengths ,Weakness ,Opportunities Threats

The SWOT Analysis is designed to assist in uncovering hidden opportunities , solving growth and development problems within a company or organisation


They have a good track record

The station has no debt – owns the building and equipment

Have established a brand

They have build up a good reputation in the community

The advertisers are happy with the services rendered

The local people have a chance to get involved through volunteering in various aspects of the station

A willingness to change for the better

They have made great international partnerships

A history of taking on Social concerns and being the voice for the voiceless


They have not changed their programme format from conception

The quality of their broadcast has regressed

There is a lack of youth involvement

A limited visibility in the region

A lack of insight to upgrade and enhance their programming


There are opportunities to get involved in social development projects

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