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Family and Medical Leave Act (1996


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA ) allows eligible employees to balance their work and family life by taking up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for certain family or medical reasons . When family emergencies arise , requiring an employee to attend to his or her seriously ill children , parent (s , or be with newly-born or adopted children or children placed with the employee for foster care , or for their own or spouse ‘s serious health condition , the employee needs reassurance that he or she [banner_entry_middle]

will not need to choose between his or her job security and meeting these personal and family needs


Pinellas County recognizes its responsibilities to the employees to provide necessary medical and family leave and to the citizens of our community to provide timely and efficient service . Therefore , the Pinellas County Unified Personnel System has adopted this Family and Medical Leave Policy to comply with the requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA ) as amended from time to time . Pinellas County will not interfere with , restrain , or deny the exercise of any right provided by this policy . Furthermore , no employee will be discharged or discriminated against for opposing any practice that would violate FMLA , or because the employee was involved in a proceeding related to FMLA . Any covered person who experiences any of the conduct prohibited in this policy is requested to report such complaint as soon as possible verbally or in writing to their Department Head , the Office of Human Rights or the Director of Personnel . All complaints will be taken seriously . Upon request by the Appointing Authority for whom the employee works , the Office of Human Rights will conduct an investigation . Alternatively , the Appointing Authority may conduct an investigation . Nothing in this policy abridges the rights of covered individuals from reporting any such complaints to outside enforcement agencies

According to this policy and Pinellas County Personnel Rules , accrued Annual and /or Extended Illness leave may be substituted for the unpaid leave provided for by the FMLA . Leave under this policy will be designated and used concurrently with all other types of paid and unpaid leave including absences under Workers ‘ Compensation and Short or Long Term Disability . While on FMLA leave the county will continue to pay its portion of the employee insurances . The employee will be responsible for paying the employee contribution as well as any dependent or voluntary coverage they wish to maintain . An employee returning from leave under this policy will be restored to his or her original job , or to an equivalent job , in accordance with relevant law and Unified Personnel System Rules . However , the taking of leave under this policy does not entitle the employee to any greater or lesser likelihood of being restored to the employee ‘s position , or an equivalent position , than the rights the employee otherwise would have had if the leave were not taken . If leave taken under this policy is exhausted and… [banner_entry_footer]


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