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Public Health

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January 2007

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ‘s website provides a wide variety of information on all s dealing with environmental health related issues . The site declares that it is the leading agency in America that is concerned about public health . The site provides numerous links to hosted information and the vast al areas that fall under public health including air quality , natural disasters , water and food safety , natural disasters and countless other related issues Where information is not directly provided on the [banner_entry_middle]

website there are countless links to organizations , both governmental and nongovernmental groups and corporations that , in one way or another , are attempting to address and counter certain environmental health matters

This site has helped me to conceptualize of environmental health in a much broader context than I did before revealing areas that fall under the umbrella of public health that I had not conceptualized . I have learnt that environmental health deals with issues , not only in the natural environment such as natural disasters , air or water pollutants but that even the built environment , food security and safety , noise and hearing loss prevention , elimination of chemical weapons , radiation and a broad variety of social environmental issues , are all considered environmental health issues

The National Institute of Health found at HYPERLINK “http /health .nih .gov ” http /health .nih .gov provides a wide selection of links that connect to sites dealing with almost all health s . The site is very simple to navigate and this is made possible by an A-Z tab that allows for easy searches into any public health area by clicking on the appropriate tab . A click on the tab `P ‘ for example brings up links to passive smoking , poisons in the home , Pollution and other public health issues . A further click on the tab `L ‘ brings up links to lead poisoning and lung cancer . As mentioned before the site only provides linkages to external sites . This , however , does not limit the appropriateness of the site to public health . In fact a search for any single public health issue will provide links to three or more sites dealing with the particular issue . Definitions from credited resource centers are also available for the searches , if such is required

Though the site appears not to be updated quite regularly , it does appear to be reviewed periodically . In fact at the time the site was visited the last date updated was shown as on the 21st of December , just over a month prior

The website of the World Health Organization , HYPERLINK “http /www .who .int ” www .who .int is very similar to the National Institute of Health ‘s website in the way it allows visitors to navigate There is a very useful index list of items under health s which are listed and sorted alphabetically with alphabetic numbering for each of navigation

All of the pages to which the links connect in turn provide direct linkage to programs and initiatives put… [banner_entry_footer]


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