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Public Administration

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The functioning of public administration must be viewed in the context of its physical , socio-economic and political setting . A discussion of public administration should therefore begin with an analysis of its ecology and environment . In a country especially an agricultural and economically underdeveloped government plays a dominant role in determining the direction and rate of development . A nation ‘s philosophy and system of government and the quality of its public administration are therefore the crucial factors in its economic and social progress

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administration in every aspect of the government is to give extra efforts to discharge the laws and to give effect to public policy as s process it is all the steps taken between the time an enforcement agency assumes jurisdiction and the last brick is placed it is also includes that agency ‘s participation if any in the formation of administrative program and as vocation it is organizing and directing the activities of othrs in public agency . Part of a larger field of general administration which is the study of how all kinds of institutions are organized , staffed , motivated and managed . But public administration is also part of the political parties and their programs and shares in the methods b which public policy is determined

Public sector managers are under a lot of serious stress these days Abrupt shifts in political priorities , new socio-economic realities and the pace of technological change in the work environment are all creating new pressures . In the most jurisdictions tax revenues consistently fall short of expenditures requirements . If the wider environment threatens the destruction of the traditional public service it also promises miracle foods to a public sector manager hungry for new techniques to improve and revolutionize the planning and delivery of services

Given the experience of provinces in western Canada in coping with sharply declining revenues and the political imperative in many jurisdictions to reduce the scope of government , it is not surprising the workshops on this provoked keen interest . Communication is a crucial factor in the successful implementation of a restraint program

First . The public has to be conditioned to the need for cuts in services ( often with added irony of higher fees

Second , employees should be kept informed if declining morale and productivity are to be minimized

As governments have become more evolved in the economy and the society the Westminster traditions of closed government and civil service anonymity have been challenged and to a certain extent are modified . The most visible manifestation move to open government is the passing of access to information legislation in a number of jurisdictions . Thus , it took a pessimistic view of progress on openness , arguing that consultation at present is a one-way flow on information in the direction of government . In for public managers to be more effective , the bureaucratic culture needs to become truly open with mangers consulting and sharing useful information so that the public in turn can provide and informed input to… [banner_entry_footer]


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