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Public Administration

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Public Administration

Dear (name of the editor

The community of Oakland Side , the interests of which I personally represent , expresses its vital concern about the current state of affairs , including ecological situation in the area

To inform you , there are 1000 citizens in the Oakland Side , which is quite an enormous number . Moreover , there are 50 young families with small kids residing in the here . We also have around 100 elderly people that need special care . There are also 2 kindergartens and one secondary school . The above statistics was written in [banner_entry_middle]

to emphasize the importance of the issues that I am going to explain below

It is crucial to notice that Oakland is an old area of the city Thus , it has buildings that are more than hundred years old . They are not only not suitable for living because of the absence of minimal comfort , but they are actually dangerous , since there is a possibility that those buildings can break down any minute . It is virtually impossible to ensure pretty much normal safe living there . Some of those houses were given to the public nursery for elderly people , and two for kindergartens . Obviously , the majority of parents are afraid to leave their children at the kindergarten fearing for the life of their offsprings . Similarly , many people do not desire to send their elderly parents to public nursery that is about to break apart . This fear is also very understandable . Therefore , the community suffered greatly realizing and feeling the vital necessity of the existence of normal child care and elderly care . This issue is the of primary discussion on each community meeting . However , we are not able to generate sufficient resources to build adequate buildings that would serve as nursery and kindergartens . That is why we decided to appeal to official authorities in for the latter to pay attention to the need of Oakland Side community

The second issue of our concern is poor ecological situation in the area . It is well-known that Oakland Side hosts the major chemical plant of the city – Oakland chemical division facility . It produces 2 tons of chemicals annually . Thus , the plant pollutes air , soil , and nature greatly . According to different ecological evaluations that were taking place in our area during last couple of years , the level of air pollution is high above the norm . Moreover , the water is also polluted People of the community are not able to breathe fresh air , swim or drink clean water . Therefore , we , the residents of the Oakland Side , are very vulnerable to different kinds of diseases . Such poor ecological situation endangers the health of people and ultimately the further development of the area . Harmful wastes prevent us from holding normal life and put at risk the future of our growing generations , our children

In such a way , considering the two main issues discussed above I request you as the head of the main channel of communication in the community to deliver this information to the official… [banner_entry_footer]


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