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Public Administration

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p Public Administration MEMORANDUM

TO : The New Minister


DATE : November 30 , 2006

RE : The Roles and Responsibilities of the Central Agencies

Constitutional Foundation

A central agency is an organ of government that is horizontal in its application of power and authority in the government in which these agencies are able to influence all departments in government . These agencies are engaged in generating and coordinating central policy Central agencies , along with Cabinet and its committees , form the executive branch of government

Central agencies get their authority generally [banner_entry_middle]

from two sources


Proximity to power

There are two principle reasons for the existence of central agencies

Managing the span of control

Ensuring the maintenance of representative cabinet

Political Structure

Central agency provides ways to coordinate the various activities of government and help Cabinet to manage

The PMO is a political office and is composed of political appointees

Political advice /briefing for the PM

Planning and coordinating new policy initiatives

Liaise with political party machinery

Speech writing

Communications with media

The PCO provides staff support for Cabinet . It does three general things

Support for Cabinet and its committees

Monitor federal-provincial relations

Provide advice on the machinery of government

The Treasury Board

Separate management of the economy (Department of Finance ) from the management of government (TB

Given a separate minister from Finance

Deals with government expenditure

Management committee of Cabinet

Enshrined in legislation

Secretariat is large and separate from the PCO


Central agencies criticized as having a headquarters mentality or micromanaging . It focuses on dangers of departments acting with too free a hand . It foster and support Executive Federalism ‘ and the concentration and centralization of authority is at the top of each participating government . Central agencies allow elected officials a measure of control over the government enterprise as a whole ADDIN EN .CITE 113Struct ure in Public Administration06 november 06Public Administration Micronovember 30 2006 (Structure in Public Administration

ADDIN EN .REFLIST Structure in Public Administration . Rec 06 november 06 . Public Administration : Micro… [banner_entry_footer]


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