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Psychology of Religion

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Psychology of Religion

Religion has been around since the earliest days . Its presence in the lives of ancient people has provided some of the greatest defining moments for them . Not only were their lives have been dramatically changed by their worship of God but the history of the whole religious community in the world as well . Over time , man has evolved and transformed his form of worship into a higher , or in his terms , grander level of adoration . The earliest and most transparent symbols of man ‘s god are the nature around [banner_entry_middle]

him , fire , sun , water , animals , trees , etc They were a constant reminder of an eternal presence of a higher being that never fails to love and protect his people . This being , who has been given countless names , has served as mankind ‘s greatest indescribable source of strength and inspiration

However , man , due to his insatiable quest and desire to worship more and to know God more , has in turn faced one of his most painful fates in terms of his religion . He has pushed himself harder to be the one among a thousand many who intimately knows God best . This struggle to rise above the so-called flocks of God provided a feeling that aims perfection at all costs . Perfection , in a strictest sense , does not tolerate mistakes , provides the harshest critiques , and requires the utmost attention and dedication . There is no place for failure , or if there would be one , a genuine penance is needed , sometimes to the point of being physically painful

When man aims perfection in his religion and worship , he opens to attitudes , behaviors , beliefs , and rituals that would make him appear higher and grander than anyone else . This perception of a perfect act of worship becomes the central goal in life , diminishing all that stands in the way , including the most basic and essential aspects of human life – relationships

To what extent of faith , worship , and religion is considered extreme and unhealthy ? What makes a certain behavior or belief unusual or sometimes , hurtful at all ? To give a clearer and more definite answers to the questions basically require an explanation of how an individual expresses his faith

Psychologists , psychotherapists , and those who cater professionally and medically to the treatment and study of the mental and emotional well-being have been witnesses to the importance of one ‘s faith in his daily life . Religion , as mentioned earlier , can provide inspiration and strength to move forward and to recover tremendously from life ‘s greatest challenges and battles . It is not against psychology or any other branch of medical science to deprive an individual of an encouragement to grow on his faith . But neither is it tolerant and kind towards harmful and unhealthy behaviors that resulted from that exact same faith . Faith , religion , worship or any forma of service that gives inner peace for the heart and mind should be nothing but beneficial for a person

However , man has the inclination to go beyond what he is… [banner_entry_footer]


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