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psychology of learning

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I have always been fascinated with languages . When I was younger I would imagine myself in another country , conversing with the locals in their own language , agreeing to what they are saying and being able to tour the whole country without an interpreter . My childhood dream was to be a master of a certain language . It wouldn ‘t hurt if I would be a linguist too . I used to think that it would just be a childhood dream until I came across a website that teaches languages to people even just by logging [banner_entry_middle]

in a computer or talking for at least an hour on the phone thrice a week . It was a website put up by language teachers 2 years ago I researched on their background , the rates and how they would teach us to speak and write in a language I would be choosing when I register with them . I wasted no time , I clicked the contact us ‘ link and was getting ecstatic by the minute . In fact , I was getting excited . After filling up certain forms and the mode of payments , I chose the language they would be teaching me – Spanish . I chose it because I had acquaintances who were avid watchers of Spanish soap operas and I was in love with Spain , the country is full of beautiful people and places . The website guaranteed me that I would be able to speak the language perfectly after the 10th session

My goal : learn how to speak Spanish and at the same time , learn how to dance the Spanish flamenco . Like what I ‘ve been telling you , Spanish fascinates me . I was to be in the language program for more than 2 months since I chose the once a week session because I had to juggle my other responsibilities . On my first session I was really nervous . I never tried online learning before and this was going to be a really new experience . I braced myself to whatever will happen during the session Unfortunately , I was expecting someone to talk to me during the first few minutes I logged in my computer , instead , I received an email from the website welcoming me to the said language program and directing me to click a few links where I would be reading and studying some starting kits before I plunge into my lessons

Fortunately , the starting kits were easy to understand . I began reading a few words in English and then learning some new words in Spanish . It was relatively easy because I had little familiarity with the language in high school . Before I could construct a sentence in Spanish , my session ended . I was irritated . Not because of the fact that I hardly lost track of the time , but because I had to catch up on my fitness class in a gym where I was also trying to learn the flamenco dance . For me to get a grasp of the language and the dance and for me to really learn… [banner_entry_footer]


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