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Psychology of Labels

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I never gave much thought to the way we label tragedies such as the Holocaust before reading `Double Takes . I always viewed events as having a label and a that could not be removed or altered After reading `Double Takes ‘ and considering what I know about the life and works of Elie Wiesel , I believe that the title Holocaust ‘ is entirely appropriate and should not be changed . While the term may seem to lack the sensitivity that the Holocaust was exclusively a Jewish tragedy , in reality it does not . When one thinks of [banner_entry_middle]

the Holocaust , one automatically thinks of the Jews who were killed during World War II . To address this tragedy by any other name would confuse the importance of it for future generations

Lesson one demands that we not trivialize , minimize , compromise the Shoah (147 , and this assertion cannot be disputed . There are already many Aryan groups who insist that the Holocaust never happened and that it is simply a Jewish conspiracy . Therefore , humans need to practice lesson one in to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again . As the author stated , it wasn ‘t as the result of a war or famine the Holocaust was a form of state-sponsored murder . Every human must be vigilant in to prevent a leader such as Hitler to rise into power again . Lesson Two has one strength in that it emphasizes the fact that the Jews were targeted in the Holocaust , but unfortunately , suggesting that the term Holocaust ‘ not be used exclusively is the weakness of this particular lesson . It has been just over sixty years since the Holocaust , and this is how the event is known worldwide . When the term is mention , it automatically gives rise to the thought of so many Jews being murdered for their race . To assign a different title to the Holocaust might change the circumstances of the tragedy in the minds of those who are just learning about it . The term Holocaust ‘ is entirely appropriate and must remain as the title of this tragedy

Lesson Three advises that we not be neutral when an event such as the Holocaust is taking place . Had the United States been involved in World War II earlier , millions of Jews might have been saved from torture and death . However , this view can only be taken from hindsight While the author maintains in Lesson Two that the Holocaust was not simply a part of World War II , that it was a separate event , it was World War II that brought it to our attention . The two events , the war and the Holocaust , cannot be separated , thus their labels are forever intertwined . The same link will occur any time we invade a nation because of their crimes against humanity . We cannot simply go in , stop the murderous practices , and leave . In to keep an event such as the Holocaust from happening or continuing , we must be willing to go to war , and thus we must enter… [banner_entry_footer]


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