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Psychology of Aging

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Psychology of Aging


What is aging ? The most obvious answer is getting old however , who is the person we can describe as old ? What is the criteria ? Over 60 or is it as stated by the State 65 years old ? If you ask people about their perception of old age you would get contrasting points of view . A lady in Jordan was asked what she understands by the word `old . Her response was that it refers to a person who has stopped learning and refuses to take care of herself [banner_entry_middle]

– someone who has given up ‘ Yet she herself at the age of 78 does not suffer from any of these geriatric problems . In fact , she is active selling state , studying history and languages and has the hobby of solving crossword puzzles . As she searches for words to describe people who have lived a long time , her contempt melts . Wyatt picks `wisdom ‘ `thoughtful ‘ `considerate `useful ‘ and `refined (Canham , 2006

Some other people look at aging from the point of view of psychological time . According to these people

time consists of cognitive constructs , images , and symbolic representations . It has different dimensions such as the experience of time , time perspective , attitudes and beliefs toward time , and the individual ‘s behavior relating to time Psychological time undergoes changes throughout the life span and is an integral part of the psychological developmental processes . In later life , it may be particularly dissonant with environmental rhythms and require re-integration of the individual ‘s past , present , and future (Shmotkin et al 2003

For these people time throughout the life of an individual starts with growth and at some stage initiates decline Therefore it is natural for people to understand time as comprising simultaneously the aspects of construction and destruction . Indeed , It allows life to develop , settles problems , and heals wounds , but it also brings about decay and eventually swallows up everything (Lomranz , Shmotkin Vardi 1991

It is also rightly argued that aging does not necessarily result in dependent persons . Neither is a young age means positive contribution always

It is also the case that age as a variable is not necessarily a good index of an individual ‘s physical psychological , or social status . Gerontologists speak of the various “clocks ” that measure the life of the individual , and these clocks may tick at a different pace , even within the same individual . For example , it is not unusual for athletes to retire in their twenties or even their teenage years Individuals who are old enough to be grandparents may give birth to their first child . A precocious young person may have the wisdom of an elder , and an older adult may have the emotional maturity of a teenager . Although the physical changes of aging are more legitimately linked to time , it is known that the sedentary young adult may be less functional on a variety of physiological indicators than is the active elder (Whitbourne , 1996

Yet it is also almost obvious that people age , i .e . become weak and… [banner_entry_footer]


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