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Sarah and the ways to cope with her problems 7184 I

Sarah had worked for fifteen years as a driver with the Greenline Bus Company .But she had to give it up because of her back-pain . That means ,it is almost certain that she would have continued as an efficient driver even now if such inconvenience did not come her way ,incapacitating her ! It might have left a streak of frustration at some corner of her mind , perhaps in the subconscious layer

Psychologically speaking , Sarah is a woman with serious manic-depressive syndrome [banner_entry_middle]

which hardly surfaces . This again is coupled with outer insouciance and inner feeling of insecurity . Psychological imbalance may be the joint results of chronic suppression of a feeling of exhaustion and bipolar dis . The latter drives her to swing between action and inaction , thus making her excel in some areas of her duties and fail in some others

Sarah is now a trainer and she is admired by her boss for her adaptability and amiable disposition . But the problem is that she cannot be declared as an efficient assessor as she shows poor ability in interviewing and even if the trainers come and point out her inefficiency she cannot admit it . She tends to forget the previous lessons though she does well with the recent lessons . She lacks in concentration or she has a poor memory to remember the lessons imparted in the previous classes . But she does not understand why she is being undermined . She finds no problem with herself . Perhaps , she has been overconfident about her capabilities . This is again perilous

Sarah might even be in difficulty with the methods of teaching the skills . the lesson-kits should have been concise and easy-to-remember After giving up her regular job as a driver , she might have suffered from a sense of insecurity along with frustration . Every moment she feels that she might even lose the job of interviewer even . This inward tension keeps her on tenterhooks of which she is unaware outwardly

We are assuming all the possibilities so far . But , one thing must be kept in mind that Sarah is able to take up all the lessons taught for the nonce . If she had less intelligence could she ever take up such intricate lessons ? NO ! That means , while she is taught her lessons she applies al her gray cells to assimilate it . But , along with passage of time or lack of its application , the knowledge acquired fades out . It is due to lack of retentive power . Of course , it has a connection with her willingness to remember . As she is in the good book of the manager she is complacent in some way . But , as her inefficiency as an interviewer is pointed out , she falters and feels insecure

But , again she may develop the willingness automatically if she finds the teaching process interesting . It may be that she strains all her intellectual faculty to absorb the lesson imparted at a time , either because of its lengthiness or… [banner_entry_footer]


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