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Psychological Operations on the Korean Peninsula, since the beginning of the Korean War

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The Korean Peninsula and PSYOPS

A commonly reiterated clichy that is used time and time again is the idea of winning the hearts and minds of the people ‘ Such a statement usually refers to the conversion of the population of the enemy nation from having an intellectual and emotional investment in the current domestic ruling political faction to an acceptance and preference of the foreign government seeking to intervene

In other words , the concept of PSYOPS (psychological operations and psychological warfare ) is an incredible important component in the art of waging [banner_entry_middle]

war . While , on the surface , psychological warfare may seem underhanded , the reality is that there can be much merit to it under certain circumstances . For example , if the United States bombarded Nazi Germany with radio broadcast intercepts promoting the dangers the Nazi regime truly posed , turning the German population against their dictatorial overlords would not only benefit the United States and its allies , but also the German population as well . So , in that regard PSYOPS is not an inherently bad concept , it is the execution of PSYOPS that may be deemed good or bad ‘ depending upon the circumstances of its employ (Richard Johnson ‘s SEEDS OF VICTORY provides an excellent detailed analysis of the PSYOPS phenomenon ) In the case of the utilization of psychological operations in Korea , there is some ambiguity to the expansive use of PSYOPS

The reason for this is that there has been an extensive use of psychological operations on the Korean peninsula by both the domestic communist dictatorship that has targeted both the internal population of North Korea as well having North Korean propaganda target the neighboring South Korea . Of course , there is also the issue of foreign infusion of propaganda into the North by foreign powers such as the United States

The earliest examples of using psychological warfare in Korea can be seen during the early days of the Korean Conflict where there was a protracted attempt to not only militarily defeat the communist regime but also undermine its population by a use of crude tools of propaganda In fact , it is widely accepted that the use of the air force as a tool for delivering psychological warfare propaganda was first maximized during the Korean War (Abner

Propaganda was used extensively by both sides during the Korean conflict . Aircraft and artillery delivered United Nations leaflets . B-29 bombers dropped strategic propaganda deep behind the enemy ‘s rear lines Front-line tactical propaganda was dropped by light bombers and spotter aircraft , or fired from 105mm howitzers . More than 20 million leaflets a week were prepared and disseminated by United Nations Forces at the height of the conflict (Friedman

While one could debate whether or not such psychological operations were successful , they certainly could not have helped the North ‘s war effort if the leaflets served their purpose of undermining popular support for the Northern regime (Then again , considering the brutality of the communist dictatorship , popular support comes from the barrel of a gun

Whether the North learned… [banner_entry_footer]


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