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answer the following 2 questions by going to the following website

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Website : HYPERLINK “http /www .apa .org /pubinfo /anger .html http /www .apa .org /pubinfo /anger .html

Q1 : What do researchers believe to be the causes of an `anger-prone` temperament (In your answer , be sure to touch specifically on biological , social , and psychological factors in anger

Anger is an emotional condition which varies in intensity , and is [banner_entry_middle]

also accompanied by several physiological , biological and physical alternations . It can be triggered both by internal and external factors . Some individuals are more prone to get angry than others . The intensity and easy at which an anger develops also varies from one individual to another . Some individuals may not like to demonstrate anger and aggressiveness , and seem to be irritable . Scientists feel that individuals who tend to get angry very easily have a low frustration threshold (cannot tolerate frustration or want to avoid any sort of annoyance . Scientists feel that several factors such as genetic , biological , psychological and social factors can play an important role . Children who get angry easily at a young age , more often seem to have a family history of emotional disturbances . This may be caused due to certain inheritance patterns . Sometimes , the upbringing pattern and the family environment may play an important role in the development of anger . Socially , anger may be considered as a negative emotion , and may not be encouraged . However , hidden reinforces may still exist in the individual that encourage anger . Several psychological diss including anxiety diss (such as generalized anxiety dis and Obsessive-Compulsive Dis , and depressive diss (such as major depression and bipolar diss ) have anger as a symptom

Q2 : What is `cognitive restructuring` ? What is its relevance in the control of anger

Cognitive restructuring is a method in which the individual understands his negative or irrational attitudes or beliefs , and substitutes them with more positive and rational ones . People who get angry demonstrate their distorted manner of thinking in anger situations . The individual should try to substitute these negative thoughts with more rational ones . He /she may try to justify the reason for being angry . However using logic , any reason for being angry may demonstrated as irrational or negative . In life , every individual is able to achieve something and not achieve others . However , disappointment or frustration arising from failure should not be converted into anger and aggressiveness . The individual should first be able to identify his negative thoughts attitudes and behavior . He should develop a method of learning to control or even challenging these negative attitudes . Finally they should be replaced with more positive ones . Cognitive restructuring helps an individual to remain calm and collected . Experience has shown that this technique is especially beneficial in criminals before release


APA Online (2007 . Controlling Anger-Before It Controls You . Retrieved January 12 , 2007 , APA Web site : HYPERLINK “http /www .apa .org… [banner_entry_footer]


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