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proofreading MBA application questions

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1 . Your reasons for selecting Barry University

During the past year , my wife applied for admission to a few schools under the Physical Assistant Program . Barry University recently accepted her for admission in the fall of 2007 . We plan to go to the same school I am applying for admission to the MBA program at Barry University . When she was invited for an interview , I came along with her and visited the main campus in Miami . I admire the campus and was highly impressed with the school facilities and friendliness of the teaching [banner_entry_middle]

staff and exemplary student life . Barry University ‘s MBA program ranks 47 among best schools in the United States . That is more than enough reason for one to gain admittance to your university aside from the warm weather of Florida and beautiful beaches

2 . Your professional plans upon completion of your degree

Although I went to engineering school for both Bachelor and Master ‘s Degrees , I have a strong interest to become a successful business man After completion of MBA program , I would like to use all the knowledge and skills I have learned to better manage my small business and create a better business model . I also look forward to opportunities to use my engineering background and skills in business world . My ideal job would be managing a company that innovates , produces and distributes consumer electronic products

3 . Any information which you believe will help the Admissions Committee in the evaluation of your application

Since I was in undergraduate , despite studying electrical engineering major , I was particularly interested in World Wide Web . I would buy or sell my text books and some other things online . This solved the problem of having no car to drive to a local store and tight budget . All I needed was a credit card and a computer with internet connection . It did not take that long for me to notice profitable business model of an online store and future of e-commerce . I started learning everything I can about creating a website and starting a small business . For two summers during undergraduate years , I worked for a company , SD Pacific in California by designing and programming websites . As a part of my undergraduate studies , I also took some computer programming classes which later helped me develop my own online store structure . I graduated from University of Minnesota with Bachelor in Electrical Engineering major in 2003 . Until then , my interest in business was more recreational than professional . I was admitted to PhD program in Electrical Engineering at Rice University , Houston in fall 2003 . During second year of my graduate studies , I realized that I could not go both ways . I knew that I could become a good engineer but I would be a better business man . During late 2004 , I created my first company , Zinyaw LLC and started selling printer and copier supplies at an online website tonerpirate .com . Company was started with not more than 500 investment which was mainly registration fee… [banner_entry_footer]


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