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Professional Communication

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Professional Communication- An Analysis of the Charter Documents for

ISO-9000 Quality Certification Processes in Manufacturing

Professional Communication- An Analysis of the Charter Documents for

ISO-9000 Quality Certification Processes in Manufacturing Within technical documentation , by its very nature , there is a sort of conflict of interest on the one hand , there is the intent of the authors of the document to produce something that is sufficiently technical to be able to make the intended audience fully understand while still avoiding the use of language that is below the level of professionalism that [banner_entry_middle]

the document deserves , not to mention the fact that the same technical document may be used by different levels of audiences . A perfect example of this are the Charter Documents for ISO-9000 Quality Certification for Manufacturing , which , simply put , are the documents that set the international standards for quality in the production of a given material good or service . In this essay , this document specifically will be analyzed from a variety of viewpoints

To begin , it is important to understand that the ISO-9000 Charter is intended to be a functional technical document , which is to say that the intention in creating it is not to have a document that is worshipped and not understood by its audience , but rather something that the audience can read , comprehend , and apply to their own individual needs as evidenced from the introduction to the Charter , which says

ISO 9000 is a set of quality systems standards that may be tailored to any organization ‘s structure in to adapt the model (International Organization For Standards , 2003 ,

. 1

In short , what this introduction to the document says in an understandable way is that the intention of the document , and the systems it represents , is to allow audiences to take the documents and their standards and use them without a great deal of difficulty

Audience is perhaps the most important consideration in the production of any technical document , and especially in the case of the ISO Charter , not only because of the fact that this document , by its nature of being a quality control document should set an example for quality and would discredit the ISO process if it was not of the highest quality , but also because of the fact that the Charter is intended to be used by a huge variety of manufacturers , quite literally around the world . Because of these audience factors , the Charter often is interpreted not only according the particular industry that it will be dictating to , but also translated into different languages for different nations , and comprehension levels for example , an automobile manufacturer in France will be using the same base document , in the form of the ISO Charter , as would a mill in Mexico- different industries , different cultures , and possibly even different educational levels and therefore levels of reading comprehension . Because of this the demographic element of the audience for this particular document deserves additional discussion

The ISO Charter , by necessity and purpose , has to possess… [banner_entry_footer]


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