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Dropout Prevention With A New Method


Among the ten fastest growing careers today , the top five are computer-related . Some of these most significant careers are heavily reliant on the knowledge of mathematics . Computer engineers , computer support specialists , systems analysts , database administrators , and desktop publishing specialists are the need of the hour (McClain . So young people who continue the mathematics sequence throughout high school are bound to have additional career opportunities (Leder Smith But what if these young people refuse to finish high school ? What are their chances of having [banner_entry_middle]

careers that they can consistently pursue Perusing a second time the list of specialized workers that the nation sees as most important in terms of its Gross Domestic Product – is a reminder that high school and college dropouts working at McDonald ‘s and Walmart have little or no prospect of joining the ranks of those mentioned on the list . Lack of formal education is a genuine roadblock Yet , college dropouts make one of the largest and the fastest growing youth groups in America today (Leonhardt

What shall we do to help school and college students continue their education ? Making counseling sessions mandatory for all students – both the bright ones and those who have thus far shown lack of interest in academic pursuits – should prove to be an excellent way to drop the rate of high school and college dropouts . This is because counseling is truly meant for all . In fact , there is no human being in the world who does


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not rely on counseling or advice from time to time . Given that high school and college dropouts are suffering from unique problems that trained counselors are able to address , we must now be making a concentrated effort to solve these problems , be they of an academic nature or strictly emotional problems

Addressing the Problem

It may be that dropping out of college is becoming fashionable because certain highly successful and prosperous businessmen like Bill Gates Steve Jobs and Michael Dell are all college dropouts . The author of an article published in 2005 , `Men Want Retooled College Experience ‘ in USA Today , wrote : In high school , I was told to watch for the guys who left school before graduating because they were the ones I ‘d be working for later

It has been repeatedly said that geniuses do not always feel motivated by the idea of formal education . All the same , Bill Gates Steve Jobs and Michael Dell have given speeches on the importance of education (Men Want Retooled College Experience . Perhaps they were referring to students with average intelligence in other words , their potential employees who need an education to work for the geniuses who themselves did not require college degrees in to prosper


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Research studies have shown that students from low income backgrounds are more likely to drop out of high school or college . Andy Blevins from southwest Virginia dropped out of college… [banner_entry_footer]


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