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Problem Formulation and Identification

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Decision making in any organization tends to be a difficult process to undertake for management and leadership teams . Many models have been created to provide a structured scenario for administration to approach complex issues , however the approach must take into consideration the resources and capabilities of the environment . This will address three possible models of the decision making process – SWOT Analysis Morphological Analysis and Six Thinking Hats and compare and contrast each method

SWOT Analysis is a structured scan of an organization ‘s internal and external environment . The analysis model addresses [banner_entry_middle]

the internal environmental factors of the organization – Strengths (S ) and Weaknesses (W . The examination then moves to the external factors , which are classified Opportunities (O ) and Strengths (S . The sole purpose of this model is to match the corporation ‘s resources and capabilities to its specific competitive environment (Quickmba .com (Comp , 2006

A firm ‘s strengths are identified as any resource or capability that can be utilized to create a strategy that provides the organization with a competitive advantage . For example , patents , branding , customer relations , access to resources and distribution networks . Weaknesses can be identified as lack of patent protection , weak branding abilities poor customer relations , high-cost operations , and lack of distribution channels . Opportunities may be identified as an unfulfilled customer need , new technology and regulation changes . Threats can be identified as customer preferences migrating away from the current product line new rules and regulations , and other products surfacing within the competitive markets (Quickmba .com (Comp , 2006

The SWOT Matrix is a guide in which the organization can approach strategic planning in a structured fashion . The organization approaches current strengths to build upon , implements strategies to overcome weaknesses and pursue new opportunities , identifies ways in which the firm can reduce vulnerability and finally to establish a defensive plan for its approach (Quickmba .com (Comp , 2006

Morphological Analysis is a three step process that consists of defining the problem , identification of attributes , values and finally combining the items from the list to generate new and creative ideas The decision making group meets for a creative session to define the problem at hand into a simple clear statement . During the session the group lists things about the situation that can be changed and then chooses from two to six variables to investigate further . Applying the group ‘s creative ideas to the current situation allows them to begin combining attributes from each idea suggested and after working together practical solutions arise for implementation (Creatingminds .org (Comp , 2005

The Six Thinking Hats style is a structure has the ability to avoid confrontational episodes that sometimes erupt when mixing a group together who have different styles of thinking . There are six hats or styles of thought . The White Hat is the thought process in which you approach the data available to the group . The second hat is the Red Hat and it is the process in which you look at problems with an intuitive thought process or address your gut reaction ‘ Using the… [banner_entry_footer]


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