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Privacy and Data Protection – Evaluate the current and future threats to privacy. What can the IS/IT professional do about them?

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Evaluate the current and future threats to privacy . What can the IS /IT professional do about them

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Privacy is a growing issue as we move towards more advanced technology This contains useful information as to the present and future threats to privacy that are driven by technological advances . This will also provide insights to what IS /IT professional can do to help control the growing threat to privacy


Privacy is a legal right that any human being is naturally entitled to Privacy is the [banner_entry_middle]

very foundation of our freedom , the core of our survival in an environment where natural selection is an eminent force . Without privacy , it is just like having no life of your own . Recent developments in technology and the rapid growth of the internet posed serious threats to privacy . This issue is as alarming as the global warming or the issue of terror attack threats . With the rapid advances in technology , too many innovations and consumer benefits are at stake . As it continues to mature , the privacy debate should be carried out deliberately and thoughtfully , by open minds , with an aim toward developing sound long-term policies (Harper , 2004


The purpose of this document is to evaluate the present and future threats to privacy . It examines the potential and existing threats that are causing widespread reactions to each and everyone around the word It focuses on threats that are related to technology , or the use thereof . It also examines the alternatives and ways that IS /IT professionals could do to minimize or eliminate these threats


Definition Privacy

There is a need to define privacy if we are to evaluate the threats associated with it . According to Harper (2004 , Privacy is the subjective condition that people experience when they have power to control information about themselves and when they exercise that power consistent with their interests and values . This means that privacy is not simply the closing of our doors , the shutting of our vaults , the hiding from public , or the complete cloaking of information related to ourselves , but rather it is more of the control of these factors or information . It is personal subjective condition , meaning the level of transparency can vary from one person to another . For example , health conditions are normally deemed personal by most people . A person inflicted with HIV , may choose to keep this for himself . On the other hand , there are other people who wish to let people know that they have this condition in exchange for a greater good . So basically privacy is relative to one another , what is private to one may not be private to another . Privacy may also be values or norms driven . It may be even be associated with customs or culture on a certain group of people . For example people who are living in US or France are more open with men ‘s feminine gender , while people who are living in… [banner_entry_footer]


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