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Principles of Organizational Behavior

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Maslow`s Theory – Hierarcy Of Needs

If you are a leader and you have to motivate your group then you have to understand human needs . Just understanding human needs are not enough you have to understand on what level they are , the hierarchy . People have similar set of needs no matter they are coming from different cultures , country , groups and beliefs . But the basic needs are similar for all . Because there is one common factor , we are human . If a leader has to lead and motivate people he has to understand these needs [banner_entry_middle]

because these needs a very good motivators

Abraham Maslow has formulated a theory in which he understands and put all the human needs in a hierarchy . He took into account for the healthy , creative person who use his talent and potentials and show his capabilities

He states there are two groups of human needs , basic and meta needs

Basic needs are physiological needs , like water food , and sleep including psychological needs , such as , affection , security , and self esteem . These basic need are also know as deficiency needs , as a person cannot do without them , if they lack thse basic need he will be deficient

From basic needs we move to higher level of needs called meta or being needs or growth needs . They include beauty , unity , goodness justice , etc . people do not come to thee needs unless their basic needs are satisfied

For example , if a person is hungry and u want to talk about beauty , he wont like that , he want food before anything , because that ‘s his survival . First he has to live to see beauty Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs

8 . Self-transcendence – a transegoic (see Note below ) level that emphasizes visionary intuition , altruism , and unity consciousness

7 . Self-actualization – know exactly who you are , where you are going and what you want to accomplish . A state of well-being

6 . Aesthetic – at peace , more curious about inner workings of all

5 . Cognitive – learning for learning alone , contribute knowledge

4 . Esteem – feeling of moving up in world , recognition , and few doubts about self

3 . Belongingness and love – belong to a group , close friends to confide with

2 . Safety – feel free from immediate danger

1 . Physiological – food , water , shelter , sex

If we start from the higher level of needs as and how they are satisfied you move towards lower levels of need . Higher level of need in the hierarchy list (1-4 And lower level in the hierarchy list (5-8 . People are always striving for various goals , he first achieves his lower level needs , and they become source and direction for other move

The higher needs become motive of his behaviour , as long as he is satisfied with his lower level needs . If you want a person to climb in hierarchy you have to satisfy lower needs first . If we know where a person is on particular hierarchy , it becomes easy to effective evaluate his motivation . One another note to be taken is , no one stays at one place… [banner_entry_footer]


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