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Primary Health Care through Community Action

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Primary Health Care through Community Action


Table of Content

1 . Introduction

2 . Theoretical Concepts

3 . Defining Public Health

4 . Community Development within a Primary Health Care Context

5 . Community Development and Community Empowerment

6 . Factors That Create Barriers or Serve to Facilitate Change

7 . The Role of Key Players and Leaders in the Community

8 . Assessment its Relevance to Community Development

9 . Participation by Community Members

10 . Ethical Considerations


The process of maintaining and enhancing general community health has evolved through a shifting [banner_entry_middle]

pattern of theories and public health practices . In every era , new methods are found to address the most common causes of death and disease in society . In recent years the researchers and authorities have felt that a basic change in public health strategy should be made , in which health promotion has an important role to play . Health promotion is now considered as an approach for tackling current causes of death and disease to improve the health facilities for common man (Ackermann 1997

Community participation in decision-making is considered one of the main factors of modern societies with benefits to be gained by all stakeholders . Community participation is also regarded as a mechanism for ensuring that services are accessible and appropriate to community needs . It is also used for involving disadvantaged groups in health service process . Because of these facts community participation is a fundamental principle of a number of strategic health policy documents including the Declarations of UNO

Despite all the benefits and advantages of participation , few people participate when given the opportunity . The example provided in case study reveals amazing results obtained by the collaboration of local community , experts and authorities . It produced amazing results and solved a 200 years old problem . This essay will revolve round the successful project presented in case study , but due consideration will be given to theoretical aspects studied in the module . The situation in the highlands of China was quite difficult and the villagers had to spend their precious time and efforts for getting water for their household needs from a far off area . They were facing many hardships when experts and authorities helped them to bring a positive change in their life style (Ackermann , A . 1997


In to facilitate effective community participation in health action understanding of the unique context for participation is required . The concept of community participation and the impact of some of the cultural , historical , political , economic and social factors influencing community participation in health action are the main areas to be focused . The successful project in highland villages in Guizhou China will serve as point of reference in this . Although this project is not related to public health directly but it shows good example of community participation in planning , implementation and managing a unique and useful project (Waldick Lisa 2001

The concept of community was traditionally considered as a specific geographical area or locality . In the literature community is described as the social cohesion that can develop as a… [banner_entry_footer]


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