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President Roosevelt and foreign policy

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Because the United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world , its foreign policy has always attracted much attention of world community and evoked controversial assessments . Following certain historical period the American foreign policy tended to become that of ruling nation . To support this statement I ‘ll outline major issues of American foreign policy under President Theodore Roosevelt in this br

Roosevelt ‘s presidency was distinguished by an active position in regard to foreign policy . President Theodore Roosevelt adhered to the idea that the civilized ‘ nations , to which he [banner_entry_middle]

included the U .S , should actively participate in keeping world peace and and taking patronage over developing nations (Chessman , 32 ) For Roosevelt making the Philippines an American colony was the beginning of American active international power politics . In foreign affairs one of Roosevelt ‘s major concerns was the development of U .S . army and navy . Roosevelt conspicuously presided over the expansion of American naval power sending the Great White Fleet on a tour around the world from 1907 to 1909 to demonstrate the power of the United States to other nations (Burton , 59 ) He insisted that the United States be the dominant naval power in the Pacific . When the government of Colombia refused to ratify an agreement that would allow the United States to begin construction of a canal across the Isthmus of Panama , then a Colombian province Roosevelt encouraged revolutionists to declare Panama independent and used the navy to prevent Colombian warships from quelling the revolt Soon , he concluded an agreement with the new nation , granting the United States a zone in which to construct a canal . Roosevelt regarded the construction of the canal to be a symbol of the triumph of American determination and technological know-how , his greatest accomplishment as president (Collin , 75 ) In 1904 the President announced the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine , which formulated U .S . attitude towards European interventions in Latin America . According to this Corollary the USA took responsibility for ensuring that Latin American countries met their international obligations , thus this document , in effect , made the United States the policeman ‘ in the Western Hemisphere (Beale , 211 That was one of the first instances of U .S . endeavor to spread its control over the political affairs of other countries . In this way the U .S . made it clear that Latin America is U .S . sphere of interest . Thus Roosevelt took full control of the finances of the Dominican Republic in 1905 in to pay its debts to U .S . and European creditors . When the Senate balked at consenting to a commercial treaty with the Dominican Republic because Southern senators considered it harmful to Southern sugar growers , Roosevelt implemented its terms by calling it an executive agreement , which did not require Senate consent

In dealing with major powers of the Eastern Hemisphere HYPERLINK “http /www .britannica .com /eb /art-75802 ?articleTypeId 1 ” HYPERLINK “http /www .britannica .com /eb /art-75802 ?articleTypeId 1 ” Roosevelt excellently exhibited his sophisticated diplomatic skills . He acted as a… [banner_entry_footer]


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